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The Ta'Vaalor Wizard Guild is located at the southern end of Amaranth Court. There is a faint outline of a doorway on the exterior wall of Guardian Keep. Instructions for entry are written on the door in elven: "Speak to me wizard as only wizards speak."

To gain entry to some of the upper levels of the Guild, one must employ her Floating Disk.


The workshop is found all the way up in the guild (using floating disk) and through the door. It is a useful place for enchanting, charging items, and Magic Item Creation (420).

Reception Hall

The Reception Hall is located southeast of the guild foyer. Here you can find refreshments and tables


Guild Master

The Guild Master of the Ta'Vaalor Wizard Guild is Quelyon.

Training Administrator

Training Administrator Cendien was, in his day, a tall elf, though the years sit heavily on him now. Time has not dimmed the fire and tenacity of his eyes, though, which fix on you like eagles'. He is dressed simply, by traditional elven standards, in a comfortable, reddish-ochre silk robe with two under-robes of cream and leaf green.

Master Elementalists

Master Elementalist Ilante is an unusually plump, short elf whose soft face contrasts sharply with her hard, unforgiving eyes and perpetual scowl. Her three-layered robes of burgundy and cream velvet are of a cut that was considered stylish several decades ago. In one heavily bejeweled hand she clasps a highly polished carmiln runestaff, while the other clenches a slender tome.

Master Elementalist Moryamo must have endured some horribly disfiguring event long ago. The left side of his noble elven face is a web of pallid scar tissue, and his black silk eyepatch counterpoints oddly against the silver-white iris of his right eye. His indigo skullcap matches the color of Moryamo's fine linen outer robe, which is sashed with braided saffron-hued silk. His right hand grips a glowbark runestaff capped with a polished crystal sphere, but his left hand is either hidden or missing.

Master Elementalist Firyon is a very tall elf, though stooped with great age. His flowing white hair is bound at his brow by a slender fillet of silver before flowing freely down to his shoulders, which are draped in a pale linen robe edged in silver filigree. He leans heavily on a gnarled witchwood staff capped with a luminous cerulean glimaerstone.

Master Elementalist Ercandoril is solidly built, his height slightly taller than common among elves. Close-cropped, raven black hair frames his handsome but impassive face. His athletic frame, clad in simple russet and cream linen robes, is preternaturally still. A polished but unadorned orase staff rests lightly in the crook of one arm.

Master Elementalist Tilindil is a petite elf with shining grey eyes and a smile to match. Her gold-streaked dark brown hair falls just to her shoulders where it curls slightly upward, brushing the collar of her elaborate silver-detailed lilac silk robes. A slender fireleaf staff rests easily in the crook of her right arm as she quietly peers through her silver-framed spectacles at an ancient tome in her left hand.


Refreshments available at the Reception Hall.

On the sideboards you see a glass of deep burgundy wine, a glass of chilled white wine, a whole dry-rubbed sea bass, a pitcher of lemon-scented water, a pyramid of blood oranges, some pear and honeydew nectar sorbet, a flaky custard cheese tart and a grilled foie gras sausage.

Item Description Price
glass of deep burgundy wine
   The tannins have long faded from this incredibly aged wine, leaving it smooth and mellow beyond belief.
   Blackberry flavors, fine spring water, and the relics of a less describable but nonetheless complex heritage mingle in a crisp, wakeful fashion in the ancient alcohol.

glass of chilled white wine
   Crisp, and very dry, with a pleasant honeyed aftertaste.
   Assessing the nuances proves pleasurable, as you find hints of honey and apple nicely underplayed in the dry wine.

a slice of dry-rubbed sea bass
   Spices tingle along your tongue, bringing out the full flavor of the tender bass.
   The flaky, tender flesh of the bass melts in your mouth, the succulent taste only enhanced by the many spices infused within it.

tall glass of lemon-scented water
   Just the subtlest hint of lemon adds a bright note to the spring water.
   The crystal clear water is cool and refreshing, enhanced by the slightest hint of lemon zest.

pyramid of blood oranges
   It is very juicy, with an almost flowery aroma.
   Your mouth fills with the sweet, ripe juice.

some pear and honeydew nectar sorbet
   Tiny flecks of ice chill your tongue as the ambrosial flavor of honeydew nectar sings across your palate.
   A hint of cognac accents the honeydew nectar sorbet for a brisk, authoritative introduction that fades to a smooth aftertaste of softly spiced pears.

flaky custard cheese tart
   Once the outer shell is penetrated, the tart's texture has the creaminess of custard.
   Soft and mild-flavored, with a gentle, lingering aftertaste.

grilled foie gras sausage
   It is tender and juicy, with just a hint of garlic.
   It almost melts on your tongue as the rich aroma fills your nostrils.

Guild Shop

The guild shop is located midway up the shaft and to the southeast. Note: Prices taken by an sylvan. Prices may vary due to race, citizenship, influence, or trading skill.

Item Price Information Item Price Information
a rohnuru potion 3500 enchanting potion a fluted vaalorn wand 7500 Major Shock (910)
a duqnuru potion 5500 enchanting potion an orb-tipped golden rod 10000 Major Fire (908)
a mirtokh potion 35000 enchanting potion a vaalorn and feystone clasp 6500 pinworn imbeddable (50 mana)
a dirtokh potion 10000 enchanting potion an onyx wolf pendant 5000 neckworn
a sarmoc potion 5000 temper removing potion a gneiss hawk pendant 5000 neckworn
a sisfu potion 17500 enchanting potion an alabaster cat pendant 5000 neckworn
a gold-trimmed crimson silk cloak 40000 shoulderworn, VLA a wooden talisman 500 neckworn
a crimson and gold silk sash 7200 waistworn, VSA

Alchemy Shop

The alchemy shop can be found southwest of the guild shop.

Item Price Item Price
a black iron cauldron 10000 a dark glimmering crystal 1000
a mortar 4000 a vial concentrated firethorn essence 3000
a pestle 1000 a dark shadow-shrouded crystal 400
a leather tome 10000 a shining silver crystal fragment 1500
a flask of clear water 100 some powdered clear topaz 20
a flask of blessed water 100 some powdered almandine garnet 130
a flask of pure oil 100 some powdered black jasper 100
a flask of blessed oil 100 some powdered rose quartz 160
a vial of viscous liquid 100 some powdered citrine quartz 160
a vial of sand-like liquid 100 some powdered golden topaz 1200
a vial of pearlescent oil 100 some powdered pink topaz 800
a vial of amber-hued oil 100 some powdered smoky topaz 1000
a diamond lens 35000 some powdered blue lapis lazuli 1200
a sapphire lens 22500 some powdered green malachite stone 1000
an emerald lens 30000 some powdered green garnet 1400
a ruby lens 30000 some powdered pink rhodochrosite stone 1000
an amethyst lens 12000 some powdered white opal 1600
a shadowglass lens 25000 some powdered star ruby 2400
some dark glittering powder 1500 some powdered yellow sapphire 1800
a blue mist-shrouded crystal 800 some powdered violet sapphire 2000
a pinch of iron dust 300 some powdered star sapphire 2400
a jagged translucent crystal 400 some powdered green sapphire 1800
a pale runed crystal shard 250 some powdered blue sapphire 6000
a shard of cloudy crystal 400 some powdered shimmertine shard 1400
a shimmering prismatic shard 250 some powdered rainbow quartz 2400
a pinch of gold dust 1500 some powdered fiery jacinth 2000
a runed azure crystal 250 some powdered blue coral 60
a runed crimson crystal 350 some powdered turquoise stone 800
some coarse glittering earth 500 some powdered white pearl 5000
a pinch of mithril dust 1000


Ta'Vaalor Wizard Guild Map