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The Wehnimer's Landing Wizard Guild is south of the town, down a broad path in the shadow of Melgorehn's Reach. It is an imposing grey tower shrouded in mist.


The workshop is in the northeast tower of the guild. It is a useful place for enchanting, charging items, and Magic Item Creation (420).


The atrium in the southwest tower is a fantastic spot to relax, enjoy a view of the night sky through the crystal roof and the scents of tropical flowers. This, however, is not a node.


Another spectacular place to view the night sky, complete with a telescope.


Guild Master

Guild Master Keplar appears to be a knowledgeable man.

Training Administrator

Training Administrator Leigh is a rather short half-elf, with long dark auburn hair she wears tucked behind her small pointed ears. Sleeveless robes of cream-colored linen drape her curvaceous form, bound at the waist by a wide blue sash. A pair of round bronze-framed spectacles perches precariously upon her freckled nose, and her absent gesture to reseat them as they slip has the air of long habit.

Master Elementalists

Master Elementalist Haehle is a tall, willowy human with shoulder-length fiery red hair that is neatly tied back in a short ponytail. Crisp robes of white cotton drape in folds from his slightly squared shoulders, his hands clasped casually within his sleeves.

Master Elementalist Amato is a short, squat human clad in a simple brown linen robe. Her long, reddish-brown hair falls in loose, tousled waves around her, sweeping across her glittering grey eyes.

Master Elementalist Scangarella is one of the Wizard Guild's skilled masters.

Master Elementalist Tendle stands average for a half-elf, his tailored trousers and black vest bearing simple, functional designs. Sky blue eyes peer out from behind a pair of thin silver-framed spectacles perched on his nose, which reaches back into his short, slightly tousled dark blonde hair. A blue cloak drapes limply from his shoulders, barely concealing a thin silver chain leading into one of his vest pockets.

Master Elementalist Ark is a tall, strapping human clad in grey silk robes trimmed with simple patterns of rich bluish embroidery. His shoulder-length wavy brown hair and neatly trimmed goatee frame inquisitive blue-green eyes and a quiet smile that betrays his imposing look. An intricately carved lor staff rests easily in his left hand, a number of charms hanging limply from its crown.

Master Elementalist Tyler is a short, rather soft-looking human with shining brown eyes and a smile to match. Her gold-streaked dark brown hair falls just to her shoulders where it curls slightly upward, brushing the collar of her elaborate silver-detailed lilac silk robes. A slender fireleaf staff rests easily in the crook of her right arm as she quietly peers through her silver-framed spectacles at an ancient tome in her left hand.

Tyler glances discretely at Ark, a small smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth. She arches her eyebrow slightly and twiddles her fingers in Ark's direction.

Suddenly, the tome in Ark's hand bursts into flames causing him to drop it to the ground! As soon as the tome hits the ground, the flames vanish, the tome unscathed. He casts a scowl in Tyler's direction as he picks up his fallen tome and she bursts into soft giggles.

Ark makes a discrete gesture in Tyler's direction, a few quiet syllables escaping his lips.

A moment later, Tyler's hair swirls up around her ears and she casts a dark look Ark's way as a grin begins to creep across his face.


In the day room is an array of refreshments:

On the polished fel counter you see some golden ale, a juicy turkey leg, a mug of thick black coffee, some blanched almonds and a cup of mint tea.

Item Description Price
some golden ale
   The flavor is a bit tart and cider-like, with a dry, metallic finish.
   The crisp flavor and dry finish leave you feeling almost as thirsty as before.

a juicy turkey leg
   The delicious, meaty texture is enhanced by a dash of seasonings.
   The meat is fresh and juicy on your tongue.

a mug of thick black coffee
   If it were any more powerful, it would probably be catalogued by the Faendryl as a new kind of demon. Your mouth feels like it wants to turn inside-out from the bitterness.
   Bitter enough to need a quart of sugar and strong enough to keep you from sleeping for a week!

some blanched almonds
   Hints of sweetness mingle with salt to produce a fine, flavorful taste.
   The fine roasted flavor is accented with just a hint of salt.

a cup of mint tea
   Laced with dollops of honey that overpower the mint, this tea is almost too sweet to drink.
   Cool mint washes across the palate accompanied by thick, sweet honey.

Guild Shop

Note: Prices taken by an elf. Prices may vary due to race, citizenship, influence, or trading skill.

Item Price Information Item Price Information
a rohnuru potion 3255 enchanting potion a field mouse pendant 4650 neckworn
a duqnuru potion 5115 enchanting potion a horned frog pendant 4650 neckworn
a dirtokh potion 9300 enchanting potion a black raven pendant 4650 neckworn
a mirtokh potion 32550 enchanting potion a hawk pendant 4650 neckworn
a sisfu potion 4650 enchanting potion white owl pendant 4650 neckworn
a sarmoc potion 4650 temper removing potion a wooden talisman 465 neckworn
an enruned ivory wand 13950 a rustic brown leather cloak 37200 shoulderworn, VLA
a silver-etched modwir wand 4650 a tan and gold twisted silk belt 5580 waistworn, VSA
a grey wolf pendant 4650 neckworn some brown leather gloves 4650 pinworn
a white cat pendant 4650 a pointed brown wizard's hat 4650 headworn, VSA
a black cat pendant 4650 neckworn a gold-edged brown hood 4650 headworn

Alchemy Shop

Item Price Item Price
a black iron cauldron 10000 some coarse glittering earth 500
a mortar 4000 a pinch of mithril dust 1000
a pestle 1000 a dark glimmering crystal 1000
a leather tome 10000 a vial of concentrated firethorn essence 3000
a flask of clear water 100 a dark shadow-shrouded crystal 400
a flask of blessed water 100 a shining silver crystal fragment 400
a flask of pure oil 100 some powdered clear topaz 20
a flask of blessed oil 100 some powdered almandine garnet 130
a vial of viscous liquid 100 some powdered black jasper 100
a vial of sand-like liquid 100 some powdered rose quartz 160
a vial of pearlescent oil 100 some powdered citrine quartz 160
a vial of amber-hued oil 100 some powdered golden topaz 1200
a diamond lens 35000 some powdered pink topaz 800
a sapphire lens 22500 some powdered smoky topaz 1000
an emerald lens 30000 some powdered blue lapis lazuli 1200
a ruby lens 30000 some powdered green malachite stone 1000
an amethyst lens 12000 some powdered green garnet 1400
a shadowglass lens 25000 some powdered pink rhodochrosite stone 1000
some dark glittering powder 1500 some powdered white opal 1600
a blue mist-shrouded crystal 800 some powdered star ruby 2400
a pinch of iron dust 300 some powdered yellow sapphire 1800
a jagged translucent crystal 400 some powdered violet sapphire 2000
a pale runed crystal shard 250 some powdered star sapphire 2400
a shard of cloudy crystal 400 some powdered green sapphire 1800
a shimmering prismatic shard 250 some powdered blue sapphire 6000
a pinch of gold dust 1500 some powdered blue coral 60
a runed azure crystal 250 some powdered turquoise 800
a runed crimson crystal 350 some powdered white pearl 5000


Wehnimer's Landing Wizard Guild Map