Woodland Market

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Woodland Market is a shop in the Sylvarraend, around Ta'Illistim, that sells groceries and/or cooking supplies.

[Woodland Market] RNUM: 32674, u13051031
Various bins, counters, and shelves overflowing with grocery staples line the white oak walls and pale blue tiled floors of the bright and airy market. A sizable ceramic-topped cupboard is centered along the back, its shelves bursting with fresh baked goods. Large glaesineth orbs hanging from the raftered ceiling fill the spacious room with warm light. You also see a slender elven girl.
Obvious exits: out


  A piece of dark ivory parchment
  1. a canvas bag of coarse dried oats   8. a glass jar of ground nutmeg
  2. a cotton bag of fine white flour    9. a small tin of freshly ground cinnamon
  3. some fragrant grated lemon zest     10. a bowl of soft pale butter
  4. a bottle of fresh creamy milk       11. a canister of coarse salt
  5. a small tin of powdered cocoa       12. a wide pot of soft brown sugar
  6. a stone tub of fresh cream          13. a canister of fine white sugar
  7. some flecked pale blue eggs   

Backroom Inventory

  15. a raspberry tart   16. a thick wedge of cheesecake