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Xojium is a merchant who makes highly scripted items. His robes (as armor) initially appeared at Ebon Gate 2003 and his selection has expanded since to staves and robes (as containers). Xojium's items can be further unlocked (1 verb each time) during Xerria's monthly visit to Mist Harbor.

Xojium Robes


Note that the verbs listed in the analyze will be different depending on which verbs were initially unlocked and what further verbs a person unlocks individually via merchant service. When sold off the shelf, the robes typically begin with four verbs available. (Often PUSH, PULL, and then two others that vary more widely.)

You analyze your white silk robes and sense that the item is largely free from merchant alteration restrictions.

The creator has also provided the following information:
This item can be altered, but the noun must remain "robe" or "robes".

You sense that you could manipulate the robes in the following ways:  PUSH PULL TURN RUB KNEEL FOLD RAISE 
You might be able to have a talented merchant lighten the white silk robes for you or deepen its pockets.


* Denotes that the item can target other people or objects

1. PUSH You push the hood of your robe back over your shoulders.
2. PULL You pull the hood of your robe over your head, shadowing your face.
* You grasp one side of your robe's raised hood and shield your face from view.
3. TURN * As you turn sharply on your heel, the loose folds of your robe billow about your feet.
4. TOUCH You run a hand over your robe, admiring the weave of the fabric.
5. RUB You rub at your robe, smoothing out a wrinkle.
6. GAZE You gaze piercingly at your robe, mesmerized by the weave of the fabric.
7. SHAKE You grab the loose folds of your robe and give them a vigorous shake!
8. TWITCH * You grab the loose folds of your robe and twitch them back and forth in frustration.
9. REMOVE You carefully slip out of your robe, taking care not to drag the fabric on the ground.
10. WEAR You carefully slip into your robe, letting the fabric fall regally about your body.
11. PUNISH * You yank violently at your robe, glaring about balefully.
12. PINCH * You casually pluck a speck of dust from your robe and flick it away.
13. SPIN * You quickly spin about in a circle, causing your robe to rise up in a swirl.
14. SIT * You sit down and smooth your robe beneath you.
15. KNEEL As you move to a kneeling position, the fabric of your voluminous robe pools on the ground around you.
16. STAND As you rise to your feet, you give your robe a shake so that they drape properly.
You give your robe a shake so that they drape properly.
17. LIE You neatly tuck your robe beneath you as you lie down.
18. FOLD * You fold your arms serenely in front of you, the roomy sleeves of your robe concealing your hands completely.
19. CLENCH * You clench the folds of your robe in your hands, rapidly becoming quite annoyed.
20. RAISE * You raise your arms in front of you, allowing the loose sleeves of the robe to fall back to your elbows.

Xojium Staves

* Denotes that the item can target other people or objects

1. RAISE * You raise your runestaff before you, preparing for battle.
2. TOUCH You rub one hand lovingly over your runestaff.
3. WAVE * You wave your runestaff over your head dramatically.
4. PULL * You clutch your runestaff to your chest with a possessive look in your eye.
5. NUDGE * You rap your runestaff on the ground forcefully, calling for attention.
6. ATTEND You rub at a smudge on your runestaff.
7. LEAN * You lean against your runestaff, gazing thoughtfully at your surroundings.
8. RUB You vigorously rub at your runestaff, giving it a good polish.
9. TRIP You stumble a bit before using your runestaff to steady yourself.
10. TAP * You tap the tip of your runestaff on the ground sharply in annoyance.
11. PUSH * You slam the butt of your runestaff into the ground, glaring about angrily.
12. TILT * You plant your runestaff into the ground and rock side to side a few times.
13. CLENCH * You clench your runestaff tightly, your knuckles whitening.
14. BOW * You gently grasp your runestaff in both hands and offer a solemn bow.
15. FLIP * You gesture tauntingly with your runestaff.
16. POINT * You jab your orase runestaff against the floor impatiently.
17. PINCH You stow your runestaff under one arm for a moment, crack your knuckles, and then retrieve it with a glare.
18. POKE * You poke your finger at your runestaff with a meaningful glance and a quirk of your eyebrow.
19. TURN * You roll your runestaff between your palms, a thoughtful expression on your face.
20. SPIN You grab your runestaff and spin it rapidly, deftly passing it from one hand to the other.

Tables provided by GameMaster Vanah