Yardarm's Skirt

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Yardarm's Skirt is a ship shop in Kraken's Fall. Located in a bright white shop on Deadeye's Road in Kraken's Fall, this is where you can customize your ship's sails.

[Yardarm's Skirt (29031)]
Exposed rafters are draped with long lengths of heavily dyed sailcloth in a variety of colors, the depth and grade of the dye highlighted by the plethora of frosted globes that provide illumination for the small shop. Undyed bolts are neatly stacked along the western wall, while the eastern wall houses a floor-to-ceiling shelving unit laden with casks of various colored dyes. A long white-washed counter, pristine and clean, separates the shop from an archway in the northern wall. You also see a wooden plank sign and a sail merchant.


                 Ship's Sail Customizations and Upgrades

Sloops: Sail Customizations


Reputation tier: 0
1. cotton

Reputation tier: 1
1. canvas

Reputation tier: 2
1. flax

Reputation tier: 3
1. papyrus

Reputation tier: 4
1. linen

Reputation tier: 5
1. hemp
2. flyrsilk

Reputation tier: 0
1. white
2. cream-colored
3. ecru

Reputation tier: 1
1. snowy white
2. pearly white
3. alabaster

Reputation tier: 2
1. ivory
2. smoke-hued
3. argent

Reputation tier: 3
1. bone white
2. bright white
3. sand-hued

Reputation tier: 4
1. vanilla-hued
2. cloudy white
3. winter white

Reputation tier: 5
1. ashen
2. storm grey
3. taupe
4. misty grey
5. steel-hued
6. sun-bleached


Draped in a plain robe, Pliny seems to be in average shape.