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Part of the Knitting Updates introduced at Rumor Woods in 2022, the Yarn Bowl (aka Knitting Bowl) allows you to store yarn within. At higher tiers, it allows you to sacrifice unscripted clothing and bolts of fabric to it (provided the fabric-type matches) to create custom yarn.

Tier 1

Verb First Third
Verb First Person View Third Person View

Tier 2

Verb First Third
Verb First Person View Third Person View

Tier 3

The Knitting Bowl!

Designed to store yarn, the bowl is easy to use:

1.  PUT YARN IN BOWL (store your yarn)
2.  GAZE my BOWL (view stored yarn)
3.  GLANCE my BOWL (view only the upper most yarn)
4.  SPIN my BOWL (cycle other yarn to the top)
5.  TINKER with my BOWL (pull yarn back out of bowl)
6.  PUSH a pair of needles into the BOWL (stores a single set of knitting needles
7.  PULL a pair of stored needles out of the BOWL (retrieves stored needles)
8.  TWIST my BOWL (play with it)
9.  WHISPER my BOWL COLOR # (shuffle a specific color to the top)
10. FEED my BOWL a piece of fabric to create dyeable yarn.  Acceptable materials are: lamb's wool, woolen, wool, alpaca, spidersilk, silk, angora, mohair, linen, paeline, cotton, chenille, fleece, heather, pashmina, buckram, flannel, moreen, tartan, and tweed.
11. NUDGE my BOWL (cycle through yarn pronouns)
12. READ my BOWL (see a list of pronoun options = 12 Default, 8 Custom)
13. WHISPER my BOWL PRONOUN # (shuffle through pronoun options by #)

A kitten-faced bright pink knitting bowl with painted whiskers is 3 out of 3 Tiers.

Alterations: It must remain some kind of bowl, but can have a vessel-like noun.  It should be made of a reasonable material and remain lightweight.  As it will have painted lines within it when you add yarn, you may wish it to be a lighter color on the inside.

Customs: You may ask a merchant to add 2 customizations each visit.  You can not go beyond 8.  All customizations cannot be longer than 15 characters.
Verb First Third
Verb First Person View Third Person View
Yarn bowl Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Yarn Container
Alterable Yes
Light/Deep No
Customizable Yes
Custom (At tier 2) Up to 8 Yarn Adjectives
Original Release Venue Rumor Woods
Tiered Yes
Number of Tiers 3
How to Unlock Certificate
Item Verbs

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