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Bremerial God'thor

Bremerial God'thor - on Teras Isle beach

Bremerial has a rich history of her character as well as other character interviews which she details at her website Bremerial's GS IV Webpage

Physical Description

You see Brewmaster Bremerial the Ale Specialist.
She appears to be a Dwarf.
She is taller than average. She appears to be immature. She has faintly lined, deep-set eyes and a healthy vibrance to her sun-tanned skin. She has shoulder length, wiry deep red hair loosely styled with some grey and blue irregular rocks scattered throughout. The browned skin of her left temple is marked with a faint, angular scar.
She has an inky black sigil on her wrist.
She is wearing a steel military-sealed band, a cracked aged glass vial, a pair of dwarven hiking boots, an iron comb-tooth key, a vaalin-bound bronze medallion, an appliqued deep-hooded cloak, a tiny invar volcano pin, a polished Helden Hall pin, a furry brown goat pin, a bleached bone armband, a dull iron clasp, a dwarven-style runed baldric slung over her shoulder, a keg-shaped kit slung over her other shoulder, an ancient battle-scarred pack reinforced with linked hexagonal pressed invar plates, a set of dwarven-crafted armor, an elongated willow leaf pouch, an oily sweat-stained rag, and a strapped ankle sheath.


Bremerial is a dwarven warrior, a house officer (Brewmaster) of Helden Hall and the current tenant of The Modwir. She was a proud citizen of Wehnimer's Landing for many years but in 5109 she became a citizen of Kharam-Dzu. She loves the Island life with a passion. She has no romantic affiliations and has no intention of forming any such attachments... well not yet at least. She has visited the trainer many times, but her adeptness at her warrior art belies her relative youth. Born on Niiman, the 25th day of Olaesta, in the year 5074, she is almost a child in Dwarven terms.

She is relatively good natured for a dwarf, fairly dedicated to specific tasks without being influenced by tempting periphery and has a strong sense of justice. Her greatest failing is her self professed impatience. She is as much of a lady as any ale swigging, pipe smoking, critter spitting, Sunfisting, claid swinging warrior can be.

Unusually perhaps for a member of the Kazunel clan, she has shied away from devotions to Lord Eonak. Instead she is a follower of the lesser spirit The Huntress, patroness of vengeance and the hunt. Personal tragedy in her young life has led her down this path.

She loves to hunt, preferring to hunt alone; but is not reckless in so doing, despite the encouragement of some of her fellows. That being said she often stands toe to toe - in some cases toe to claw - with her foe slogging it out. She tends to be less concerned with the wounds attained and more concerned about her ability to withstand them and to return home breathing. As a consequence, she rarely escapes a battle without a scratch or ten. It is an occupational hazard for a warrior of her type, although she has a sneaking admiration for warriors that apply a more strategic system of hunting that minimises wounds sustained whilst maximising their attacking effectiveness.

She is dedicated to improving her hunting skills and sees success within the warrior guild as the best method of honing her skills. She received her invitation to the Warrior guild approximately six months before Feastday, day 21 of the month Jastatos in the year 5106. On Tilamaires, day 06 of the month Imaerasta in the year 5111 she joined the house of Helden Hall. on Niiman, day 7 of the month Lumnea in the year 5112 she became a Master of the Guardian of Sunfist.


Bremerial's training schedule has altered so many times over the years. However having had a number of long, deep and meaningful discussions with her trainer, she opted for the following training regime: (Accurate as of 25 of the month Jastatos in the year 5117)

Core skills

Physical Fitness: Max Out (done)
Two Hand Weapon: Max Out (done)
Armor Training: Max Out (done)
Combat Maneuvers: Max Out (done)

Additional Training

Ambush Training: Max Out (done)
Harness Power: Max Out (done)
Spiritual Mana Control: 16 ranks (done)
Elemental Mana Control: 16 ranks (done)
Brawl Training: Max Out (done)
Multiple Opponent Combat Training: 190 ranks (done)
Dodge Training: 250 ranks (done)
First Aid Training: Max Out (done)
Perception Training: Max Out (done)
Survival Training: Max Out (done)
Spell Training: 107 (Minor Spiritual) &
414 (Minor Elemental)

Combat Maneuver Training

Specialization I 5
Weapon Bonding 5
Combat Mobility 2
Combat Toughness 3
Surge of Strength 5
Parry Mastery 3
Kick Mastery 3
Whirling Dervish 3

Armor Specialization Training

Puncture Protection 5
Armor Support 3

Proud Achievements.. so far

Bremerial considers herself to be an ordinary warrior, no better, nor worse than any other. She lives her life quietly and hopefully conducts herself with honor. However there are some achievements of which she is proud to boast - in no particular order: