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Area of Effect skills disable or damage multiple targets. The number of targets is increased by training in Multi Opponent Combat, for both direct damage and for any application of status conditions.

List of Area of Effect Skills

Name System Category Description
Bull Rush [bullrush] Combat Maneuvers Attempt to rush your opponent and send them careening into one another, knocking them down and sowing havoc on the battlefield.
Clash [clash] Weapon Techniques Brawling Hurl yourself into a clashing brawl with one or more foes.
Cyclone [cyclone] Weapon Techniques Polearm Weapons Spin your polearm around you, attacking and forcing enemies back.
Eviscerate [eviscerate] Combat Maneuvers Spring from hiding to surprise and terrify enemies.
Pin Down [pindown] Weapon Techniques Ranged Weapons Spray multiple targets with arrows, preventing them from advancing.
Pulverize [pulverize] Weapon Techniques Blunt Weapons Target the armor of multiple targets, weakening it.
Radial Sweep [radialsweep] Weapon Techniques Polearm Weapons As a reaction, spin your polearm around you, targeting the legs of enemies.
Shield Throw [throw] Shield Specializations Hurl your shield at your enemies.
Shield Trample [trample] Shield Specializations Instead of attempting to wound your foes with a shield charge, you have learned how to best send them careening into one another, knocking them down and sowing havoc on the battlefield.
Volley [volley] Weapon Techniques Ranged Weapons Fire multiple times into the sky to rain down on enemies.
Whirling Blade [wblade] Weapon Techniques Edged Weapons Unleash a flurry of quick attacks against a target.
Whirlwind [whirlwind] Weapon Techniques Two-Handed Weapons Spin around, hitting multiple targets.


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