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Tsoran's map

This category lists all creatures found in the Castle Varunar hunting area. It is found on the Tsoran map VO-trail.

Castle Varunar is a ruined castle located approximately halfway between the outpost of Wehnimer's Landing and the two cities of Solhaven and Vornavis.

The Castle is divided into two wards, an outer and an inner ward. In the outer ward, roa'ters and rotting corpses wander. Inside the ward, skeletal warhorses, skeletal lords, phantasmaa and other undead roam. The only safe location in the castle is a crypt located in the inner ward.

Official Description

Shadows of what once were are all that remain with the deserted Castle Varunar. Little is known about the builders of the castle that is not revealed by remains. It appears to have been a stronghold, perhaps a base of operations in an ancient war. in the present, however, it has become infested with the reek of undead.

Rumors: There are those that say the castle has traded hands many times between the forces of light and dark. Despite it's current state, it's walls are strong and it's location strategically beneficial.

Behind the Scenes

Castle Varunar might be named after the deva Varuna, the ruler of the Vedic pantheon. The devas originally sided with the serpent demon Vrtra, but changed sides when they saw that Indra could defeat him. This story appears to be the partial basis of Shadow Valley, and Vrtra may have been the base word for Vvrael. The castle seems to loosely be an homage to Castle Anwyn, but has no particular depth or backstory. Its keep has an older form of obliette, whereas Bonespear Tower has a later form, while the basement has a dungeon. This refers to the etymology of "donjon" and the transition of keeps from military fortifications to becoming prisons. The Solhaven release in 1998 included a number of such tributes to the late GM Kygar, most explicitly in the case of Bonespear Tower.

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