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This page lists all the Elemental Family creatures found in Elanthia.

The elemental family consists primarily of creatures that have an elemental body type. However, creatures that have a different body type, such as bipeds, qualify for this family if their bodies consist primarily of elements, despite having targettable body parts. Examples of these are fire or cold guardians, and firephantoms.

Creature Level Location
Firephantom 6 River's Rest, Vornavis, Wehnimer's Landing
Fire guardian 16 Vornavis, Wehnimer's Landing
Cold guardian 34 Icemule Trace, Wehnimer's Landing
Water wyrd 35 River's Rest
Minor glacei 42 Icemule Trace
Major glacei 47 Icemule Trace
Lesser ice elemental 53 Icemule Trace
Glacial morph 56 Ta'Illistim
Fire elemental 60 Kharam Dzu
Ice elemental 63 Icemule Trace
Crackling lightning fiend 79 Stormpeak
Earth elemental 82 Wehnimer's Landing
Ash guardian 87 Teras Isle The F'Eyrie
Greater earth elemental 88 Wehnimer's Landing
Blazing red phoenix 90 Teras Isle The F'Eyrie
Water elemental 92 Teras Isle
Huge air elemental 95 Elemental Confluence
Huge earth elemental 95 Elemental Confluence
Huge ice elemental 95 Elemental Confluence
Huge water elemental 95 Elemental Confluence
Huge fire elemental 99 Elemental Confluence
Huge steam elemental 99 Elemental Confluence
Huge lava elemental 100 Elemental Confluence
Huge lightning elemental 100 Elemental Confluence
Greater water elemental 105 Teras Isle