Water elemental

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Water elemental
Level 92
Family elemental family creatures
Body Type elemental
Undead No
Areas Found Ruined Temple
HP <Not Known>
Armor [10] Cuirbouilli leather
Attack Attributes
Physical Attacks
Pound +424 AS
Maneuver Attacks
Water blast
Defense Attributes
Melee +367 DS
Ranged <N/A> DS
Bolt <N/A> DS
Bard Base +409 TD
Ranger Base <N/A> TD
Sorcerer Base <N/A> TD
Wizard Base <N/A> TD
Cleric Base <N/A> TD
Empath Base <N/A> TD
Paladin Base <N/A> TD
Major Elemental <N/A> TD
Minor Elemental <N/A> TD
Major Spiritual <N/A> TD
Minor Spiritual <N/A> TD
Major Mental <N/A> TD
Minor Mental <N/A> TD
Defensive Spells & Abilities
Elemental Defense II
Elemental Defense III
Elemental Barrier
Treasure Attributes
Coins  ?
Gems  ?
Magic Items  ?
Boxes  ?
Skin  ?
Other  ?

The water elemental's upper body is that of a humanoid, while its lower body forms a turbulent, watery vortex. The facial features of the elemental creature are vague and shifting, rippling with every contortion of its face. Sloshing and splashing noises accompany each movement of the water elemental, along with an odd gurgling.

Hunting strategies

Other information

  • Water Elementals do not spawn with any equipment but they will pick up any shields left on the ground.
A water elemental snatches up a navy-banded slate grey targe!
  • You must use a magical weapon to hit them. UAC with enchanted gloves will work, but not normal unarmed attacks
You swing a closed fist at the elemental, but it has no effect!
Roundtime: 3 sec.
  • Water Elementals drop a single gem on death. They leave a small puddle of water in the room where they die instead of a searchable corpse.
  • An example of a successful water blast:

The water elemental closes its eyes and draws in on itself, arms crossed over its aqueous torso. Suddenly its eyes flash open and it hurls an incredibly powerful blast of water at you!

Time slows to a standstill as you watch the watery blast slam into your seemingly frozen body! You vaguely realize that you are screaming as your shattered body is blasted back into a crumpled heap!
 ... 50 points of damage!
 You try desperately to keep your footing, but fall on your rear instead.
 Roundtime: 20 sec.


Spawn, death, and decay

A water elemental gushes noisily as it forms from a whirling watery vortex!

The glimmer of a <gem> catches your eye as the water elemental gurgles eerily and collapses into a puddle of water.


A water elemental sloshes in, gurgling noisily.

A water elemental spins quickly back to an upright position! (standing up)


A water elemental utters an incantation in an unfamiliar, bubbling language.

A water elemental raises its arms and spins about on its whirling lower body!
A bright luminescence surrounds a water elemental.



A water elemental ripples and swirls as its aqueous form sways back and forth.

A water elemental begins spinning faster and faster on its vortex, allowing the whirlpool to rush out of control!  Its upper torso becomes a blur as the vortex moves chaotically about!


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