Cordarius Hodges

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Cordarius Hodges
Storyline Witchful Thinking
North by Northwest
Gender male
Race human
Status alive
Alias/Title Magister
Affiliation(s) Hall of Mages

Cordarius Hodges arrived in Wehnimer's Landing in the late summer of 5119. He was a part of an envoy from the Hall of Mages who came to test individuals affected by the blight that plagued the region.


You see Magister Cordarius Hodges.
He appears to be a Human.
He is tall and has a trim build.  He appears to be in the spring of life.  He has sharp grey-green eyes and unblemished tanned skin.  He has chin length, razor-cut sandy blonde hair with a black streak running through it.  He has a clean-shaven face, a straight nose and dimples.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a small pendant in the shape of a sleek white falcon set with a black coral in its talons, a deeply hooded ashen-hued robe, a slim black cloth pack, a thin reddish-black ring, an onyx-clasped grey pouch, and a pair of onyx-buckled boots.


Cordarius was appointed by Earl Eddric Jovery as Regional Envoy in late 5120.

The Mage is often true to his word as seen during the rescue of Thrayzar in Jantalar in 5121. He would later assuage a situation involving Jantalarian security forces and those in the area involved in the rescue that involved Amos killing a rival during the rescue, as the rescue was a diversion after having been fed information through Amos' connections to locate Thrayzar.