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Gender female
Race sylvankind
Specialty Duplicity mask
Venue Feywrot Mire

Duplicity is a sylvankind merchant who owned the Ebon Gate shop, The Skeptic, at Feywrot Mire.


You see Duplicity.
She appears to be a Sylvankind.
She is average height and appears to be an adult.  She has mismatched blue and clouded white eyes and a flawless, bronze complexion on her right side, while her left side is a mass of sallow, heavily wrinkled skin.  She has long, brittle white hair that hangs down on her left, in stark contrast to the fine, glossy curls of deep cerise that grace the right side of her head. 
She is wearing a small rose, a black velvet cloak lined with ivory silk, a black satin dress accented with two rows of ivory buttons running from the hem to the choker-like high neckline, an ivory slipper, a black slipper, and a shard of glass.