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Wednesday nights are Guild Nights

The Empath Guild is the empaths' profession guild.

Empath Guild Skill List

Alchemy - There are three subskills to Alchemy.
Emotion Projection
This is a planned skill that is not yet implemented.


Promotion to Guildmaster status requires mastery of General Alchemy and a total of 125 skill ranks; once meeting this requirement, the presence of 2 other members who have also met the requirement (whether they are currently a Guildmaster or eligible for promotion themselves) is necessary to execute the promotion. Player Guildmasters can gain experience and fame for checking in other Guild members (must be inactive or required to check in in the next 10 days) or for promoting other Guild members to higher ranks. Guildmasters need to drop by the guild once a month - if they don't they'll receive a warning after a month, followed by loss of status after three.


The Empath Guild has structures in the following locations:

Each Guild has an alchemy annex and alchemy shop, and some house masseuses, an aromatherapy room, a recipe research library, and a meditation room.


The symbol of the Empath Guild is an emerald green acantha leaf crossed over a sparkling silver longsword on a field of pure white.

The motto is, "Heal When We Can, Fight When We Must."

Exclusive Alchemy Recipes

Alchemy recipes exclusive to empaths include:

Known Current Masters

  • Alendi
  • Aluenna
  • Artoriosdemer
  • Baragor
  • Dfarren
  • Dirvy
  • Giogionni
  • Gweneivia
  • Jadah
  • Kembal
  • Kolgran
  • Krystalena
  • Malstar
  • Meril
  • Myrefalcon
  • Nilandia
  • Olivvia
  • Orlicks
  • Scarswyrth
  • Siwas
  • Thailmore
  • Yukito
  • Zuzana

The first Guildmasters of the Empath Guild were:

  • Myrefalcon
  • Zuzana
  • Kembal
  • Dfarren
  • Aluenna
  • Siwas

Benefits of Guild Mastery include not having to pay dues, being able to induct and reinduct guild members, being able to accept dues from guild members, and being able to promote guild members in their guild skills. The Master can gain silver and experience from several of those benefits.

Myrefalcon was the first empath to master all three Alchemy skills.

Recommended Training

These are some recommendations for which items to make while training up alchemy skills, based on how easy it is to find the ingredients.

Recommended Trinkets Training
Ranks Trinket Comments
01-13 fine sanguine flakes (Heal) Kobold skins can be found around Landing or Ta'Vaalor. It's everyone's first recipe: not many alternatives here, and kobolds are quick spawns in a small area.
11-24 warm golden crystal (Manna) Wheat grass can be foraged around Ta'Vaalor or Ta'Illistim. By far the easiest trinket to make in this level range, since it only needs a single foraged herb per rep.
17-31 foggy grey crystal (Spirit Fog). Wraith talons in the Landing graveyard. Heath asters can be foraged anywhere. On paper this might not seem the quickest to make as it requires four skins per rep plus mortar and pestle grinding, but the Landing wraith area is ideal in that it only spawns wraiths, so it works quite well in practice.
23-40 shifting dark crystal (Darkness). A decent alternative. Keep in mind that nightbloom can only be foraged at night. Anyway, the two crystals above are good enough to cover the bridge from 25 to 28.
29-45 slender ivory wand (Bone Shatter) Among the best trinkets for personal use. Four skeleton bones per rep, not necessarily the quickest to find, but can be collected at a decent rate around Landing or Ta'Vaalor. Each wand also needs a single ayanad crystal. This recipe doesn't have an Infuse step which we'll start needing at 30, for that we'll have to make the next recipe.
30-46 lustrous beryl wand (Unbalance) This uses the same skeleton bones, plus two s'ayanad crystals and foraging, which is a pain but we only have to put up with it for a couple ranks of infuse reps, because at 32 we can start making the next recipe.
32-49 grooved ebony wand (Fire Spirit) There are two ways to make this, with different skins, but the gem requirement can only be purchased in the Elven Nations, so that's the easier place to go. It also needs essence of fire, which is actually perfect for processing the leftover stockpile from training General Alchemy. Ivory and ebony wand-crafting will last until rank 50.
41-60 sleek alabaster wand (Empathy) This has no skinning component and can be made very quickly. White hook mushrooms can be foraged everywhere, but only at night. Each rep also needs a single s'ayanad crystal.
50-62 blue crystal (Spirit Strike). For channeling tasks, this is the main option. Bone golems can be found around Landing or Ta'Vaalor, but stargazer lilies are only foraged in the Elven Nations.
50-62 faceted amethyst wand (Empathic Assault) For the last couple ranks, on non-channeling workshop tasks, this is a good alternative. Basilisks can be found near Solhaven, Ta'Illistim, and Ta'Vaalor. Each rep also requires three ayanad crystals.

Recommended Potions Training
Ranks Trinket Comments
01-13 light blue potion (Spirit Warding I) The foraged reagents (ayana leaf, small daisy) can be found around every town. Ayana leaf comes in a few varieties (berries etc.) but they all work the same. There are a few other formulas after the first one, but for the early ranks they are either more expensive to make or need rarer reagents. The cloudy grey tonic (lesser stamina) may be a good alternative, especially around Landing where all three reagents are available, but it only covers simmer tasks. Once the light blue potions stop giving reps, move on to the next recipe below.
14-27 pale sea-green potion (Poison Resistance) The gem requirement is a green tourmaline, which can be bought at the guild shop for only 220 silvers. The Elven Nations version can be made very quickly, needing only a single black viper fang, while the Landing version needs two tree viper fangs.
20-34 deep blue potion (Spirit Warding II) This formula is inconvenient but there's no choice as it is the only one for the next few ranks. The foraged reagent, blue poppies, is mainly found by the Lava Flows on Teras Isle (don't fall asleep on the Laval Flows when foraging!). River's Rest also has some, but perhaps not nearly as densely. Meanwhile, the skin reagent from ghoul masters is only in Landing or Ta'Vaalor, and the smoky glimaerstone gems need to be bought from Elven Nations guilds.
30-46 scintillating lilac potion (Purify Air) Infuse mana tasks start at 30, and this is the required formula. There are two ways to make it. The EN version is cheaper in gems, but needs 4 skins instead of 2, so it's a matter of silvers vs. time. If you are in Voln I would definitely recommend going to the Black Moor in EN as releasing four wights per potion will earn you quite a bit of favor. You might also be able to hunt wights in River's Rest but you would need to pre-purchase the gems in that case.
32-49 effervescent pink potion (lesser wisdom) Keep an eye out for pink pearls and siren's hairs, as with those you can make this wisdom potion. Because the reagents are rarer, these can't be made often enough for training, but are still helpful to carry around for personal use.
34-51 deep green volatile elixir (vertigo relief) Very situationally useful--drink it before you cast 130, and you are safe from the nausea cycle. Slightly tricky to make since you won't be able to buy green garnets directly from the empath guild stores, but the gem is sold in the wizard and sorcerer guilds so you can ask one of them to gather some for you.
35-52 sparkling aquamarine potion (Water Walking) If you've been hunting lesser moor wights for the Purify Air potions, this is a nice bonus as you will now be able to do something with the greater moor wight skins, and these only require a single skin per potion. Seaweed will have to be imported from the Coastal Cliffs near Landing, unless you are in River's Rest.
36-54 turbid aquamarine potion (Adrenal Surge) A good training formula for anywhere, provided that you can buy or make some s'ayanad crystals. This and the potions above are more than enough to get up to 50 ranks. There are a couple more that can be made, but save the reagents for the next recipes until after 50.
38-56 dimly glowing sky-blue potion (Undisease) Fairly easy to make as long as you can carry around a lot of skins. For the western version, you also need green jade which you can buy from the Icemule Trace guild shop.
41-60 dimly glowing sea-green potion (Unpoison) The foraged reagent, striped heart mushrooms, can only be found during daytime. For skins there is the option of 3 mountain trolls per potion, which can be slow, or a single cave lizard tail, which is very fast but requires you to head into Zul Logoth to collect them.
47-62 light red tonic (greater stamina) Not ideal as a training formula as it only covers boil tasks and needs a rare gem in uncut rubies, but if you can find the rubies, then these are very easy to make. Pick up large troll teeth from alchemy shop consignment tables, they appear fairly often. Essences of vitality are extracted from yabathilium fruits and they grow densely around the Vornavis beaches among other places. In the Elven Nations they can be foraged in the Ravelin near Ta'Vaalor.
50-62 milky blue oil (Minor Sanctuary) Channel tasks start at 50, and this is the only formula. The EN version is slightly cheaper as it needs 2 blue moonstones for 4400 silvers, instead of a blue sapphire for 6000. If you grind your own moonstones, mind that the moonstones you can buy from the guild shop have slightly different base descriptions from the ones you grind with a mortar, but both work just as well for alchemy.