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== External Links ==
== External Links ==
[[Enhancive item (saved post)]]
[[Category:Item Enhancements]]
[[Category:Item Enhancements]]

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Enhancive items are items which increase various statistics or skills of a character when the item is held or worn. All enhancive items have charges and are not indefinate, but can be recharged through the Adventurer's Guild and only need this service about once every six months.

Enhancive item benefits can be seen through the SKILL or INFO commands. There are 4 levels of enhancive items.

  • Level 1 - Gives a statistic bonus or increases max mana, health, or stamina
  • Level 2 - Increases a skill's bonus
  • Level 3 - Increases stat recovery for mana, spirit, stamina, or health
  • Level 4 - Increases a character's ranks in a given skill

Enhancive Limits:

  • Base Stat: +40
  • Stat Bonus : +20
  • Skill Rank: +50
  • Skill Bonus: +50
  • Max Health/Mana/Stamina: +50
  • Max Spirit: +3
  • Health/Mana/Stamina Regen: +50
  • Spirit Regen: +3

An item can be made enhancive via the Premium Points system.

External Links

Enhancive item (saved post)