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Equilibrium was a storyline by GameMaster Quilic set in Mist Harbor that ran from July 2 to TBD. Characters from this story previously showed up in The Nazhor Chronicles, Clipped Wings, and Surcease.

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Following on the heels of the mayoral elections in Wehnimer's Landing, adventurers learned Socius had lost his memory and was used in the storyline All That Remains as a tool for murder. A bounty was placed on his head in the frontier town, and quickly dropped after adventurers spirited him back to Mist Harbor. Adventurer Alosaka demanded justice for Wehnimer's Landing residents and placed a 5 million silver bounty on Socius's head in turn. Other adventurers weren't thrilled with the prospect of letting Socius go, and concocted a plan to heal Socius so that he might remember what led him on this mission, so the true mastermind of the aforementioned crimes could be held accountable...

July 2, 2020

  • Socius met with the players at Greth's bar. After some discussion, Socius accompanied them below the banyan tree, where they planned to put him to sleep and traverse his dreams, looking for his lost memories, most notably of his father.
  • When they arrived, Socius became ill rather quickly, before the process could even begin. The players watched as Socius slumped, and a ghost appeared. The ghost identified itself as Palorus Leiffen, Socius' father, and stated that this process could not be allowed to continue.
  • Questioning ensued, with the spirit finally revealing that there was a rot at the heart of the Isle, and that Socius had been crafted to vanquish it, when the time was right. He claimed that Socius needed to be without those emotions and memories, because they would distract from the critical mission that Socius had been made for.
  • The players dismissed the spirit, who winked out of existence, but not before declaring that this process must not be allowed to continue. Shortly after that Socius got very sick, spitting up blood, and the players rushed him back to Greth's.
  • Socius was still quite ill when they arrived, but he was able to put himself into a meditative state, and claimed he was able to use his "rage" to steady himself. Afterwards he appeared much more his normal self, if a bit colder in demeanor.
  • Socius offered to Alosaka that he would stand trial, tell his side of things, and would submit to any punishment deemed appropriate save extradition and death, so long as the trial could happen on FWI, as Socius would refuse to leave. After some reluctance, Alosaka agreed, and Socius said he would have Ilsola start the process.