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Clipped Wings is a Mist Harbor storyline by GameMaster Quilic that began on January 5, 2020. Characters from this story previously showed up in The Nazhor Chronicles and Surcease.


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Persons of Interest

Timeline of events

Clipped Wings (GM Announcement) (01/03/2020)

Originally posted on the official forums by GS4-Quilic on 01/03/2020 at 1:30 PM CST.

Darting out of Greth's (Story Log) (01/05/2020)

Mistress Selbi addressed the group of adventurers gathered at Greth's. With her normal diplomacy, she informed them all that it was time to move forward, and to get past the horrible things that had happened previously. She chastised the group at large, but then said she would be taking suggestions from the Flock (who she terms "the birdbrains"), as they had shown themselves to be united in purpose, and had been instrumental in protecting the Isle as of late. There was general outrage at this.

Socius showed up and the two of them argued over this decision. Greth asked them, politely, to take it outside and they agreed. When they were outside, Selbi was felled by an attacker from the shadows who used an enruned dart. She fell quickly unconscious, and the attacker teleported away before they could be clearly seen. Socius rallied quickly and carried Selbi in to be cared for by Penre (in Greth's backroom). He then said he was going hunting for the attacker, and Greth said that he would inform Socius if there was a change in Selbi's status.

The adventurers examined the dart, which began to act oddly. It began to pulse with a crimson light, then move on its own. It disappeared in a flash of crimson, accompanied by a slight shockwave. The adventurers went back into Greth's to check on Selbi, and the dart reappeared in there, flying at Greth, who dodged it at the last moment. The dart once again pulsed, then vanished. Throughout this whole time, various adventurers got odd sensations, and in some cases visions, all seeming to pertain to the dart.

The adventurers went to the local alchemist, who informed them that the poison that might have been used was actually water-soluble, and suggested that they wash the wound out. They brought (clean) water to Greth, who passed it to Penre, and Selbi awoke soon after. She was very weak, but stated that she wished suggestions from the Flock... and from the Militia... in three days' time. Then she went to bed.

  • Adventurers saw varying visions. A list is compiled below on the page of the log.

GM Cast: Greth, Penre Selbi, Socius, "Threatening Elf"

Adventurers: Akenna, Aleid, Ceciliah, Darcena, Dayzed, Dhairn, Lord Faerinn, Mistress Khobra, Juspera, Lady in Waiting Lynaera, Madalayne, Mellny, Defender of Mist Harbor Naamit, Flockmaster Nehor, Opalina, Relic Hunter Ordim, Raelee, Rinori, High Lord Sarmoya, Steenk, Talinvor, Tatria, Wodsong, Wolfloner, Xanthium, Defender of Mist Harbor Xilona

Player-submitted Log

A Night in with the Pets (Player Vignette) (01/06/2020)

Dealing with the Devil (Player Vignette) (01/09/2020)

Selbi Spreads Her Wings (01/09/2020)

Selbi asked the players to come to her office, where she felt safer, for a talk about what the Flock had come up with. She utilized SIGNAL for the first time, tipping off the non-Flock who are still members of the Council to her allegiance. She then listened to, and agreed with, everything the Flock proposed, which included a police force of sorts, to protect the Isle from internal threats, and an orphanage/finishing school. Headed up by Lynaera and Talinvor, in sequence. Selbi remarked that she had diverted funds from the Mist Harbor Militia Project in order to fund the Flock's goals. People were mildly annoyed.

Socius showed up and the two of them argued. Selbi let drop that Socius's "sister" was alive, but under an enchantment which stipulated that if Socius were to strike at her, the sister would perish. Socius was taken very much aback by this news, but managed to rally somewhat when Selbi strode away in a huff. He asked the remaining folk to side with him, and stated that he was going to fight to win, not just for the sake of fighting. A number of individuals agreed to stand with him against the Flock, to protect the townsfolk.

The enruned crimson dart appeared suddenly, taking down Naamit and poisoning her. The discharge of a teleporter was heard just after a comment about keeping promises. Water was procured, the wound irrigated, and Naamit recovered quickly. An assassin took a potshot at Socius, and he went rabbiting off into the night after the shooter.

GM Cast: Selbi, Socius

Adventurers: Defender of Mist Harbor Akenna, Aleid, Apsaras, Avaia, Ceciliah, Darcena, Dhairn, Lord Faerinn, Juspera, Mistress Khobra, Lady in Waiting Lynaera, Mellny, Mnar, Mistress Naamit, Flockmaster Nehor, Opalina, Relic Hunter Ordim, High Lord Sarmoya, Steenk, High Lord Talinvor, Tatria, Lord Thrassus, Chatelaine Traiva, Xanthium

Player-submitted Log

Orchestrina (Player Vignette) (01/12/2020)

Mellny. No coffee required. (Player Vignette) (01/10/2020)

On Death and Taxes (Player Vignette) (01/10/2020)

There's a point to all this. (Player Vignette) (01/10/2020)

The Dawn (Player Vignette) (01/11/2020)

Another Dawn(Player Vignette) (01/11/2020)

In the Blue Hour (Player Vignette) (01/11/2020)

A Morning After Dawn (Player Vignette) (01/11/2020)

To the Defenders, Don't Open Until Feastday (Player Vignette) (01/11/2020)

What Nehor Heard (Player Vignette) (01/11/2020)

Hearts and Minds (Player Vignette) (01/12/2020)

On Death and Taxes (Player Vignette) (01/12/2020)

Children Forcibly Removed from Greth's Custody (Story Log) (01/12/2020)

Greth began the afternoon looking rather beat up (arm in a sling, and shiner under one eye), and in a rather surly mood. When everyone had gathered, he revealed that someone had barged in during the early morning hours, roughed him up, and severely injured Penre, en route to making off with the children that Greth had been harboring. He revealed that the interlopers were disguising their appearance, appearing to be friends of Greth's, but he revealed that each of them were wearing what was eventually determined to be a lily. He also disclosed that he had killed one of them, and that while they were talking amongst each other they used a language he had never heard before.

People were mildly annoyed at this revelation, and there was some calm discussion amongst the gathered parties. After some time, Selbi showed up and calmed everyone down with her levelheaded, logical explanations and assurances. Which is to say she was horribly biased toward the Flock and everyone was even more incensed when she announced that there would be new Government Posts established in the coming days, then flounced out the door.

The enruned dart made an appearance, burrowing through Nehor's neck. Before it could disappear, Socius slipped out of a shadow and grabbed it. He assured everyone that he had killed the remaining four kidnappers, in rather extreme fashion. He said it was justice, and then also said that none of them knew where the children had gone (else they'd have definitely said so). He said the dart was a Family artifact, and that his (adopted) sister must be the one using it. He said she died when they were 8 years old, and she had been an orphan that his father adopted, and they had been raised as brother and sister. Socius tasked the Defenders with finding where the children were being held, and they agreed. Socius said that he would do his best to track down his sister.

GM Cast: Greth, Penre, Selbi, Socius

Adventurers: Defender of Mist Harbor Akenna, Aleid, Darcena, Dhairn, Lord Faerinn, Juspera, Mistress Khobra, Lady Kioya, Lady in Waiting Lynaera, Mellny, Defender of Mist Harbor Naamit, Flockmaster Nehor, Opalina, Relic Hunter Ordim, Magister Raelee, Defender of Mist Harbor Rohese, Sreka, Steenk, High Lord Talinvor, Tatria, Chatelaine Traiva, Xanthium

Player-submitted Log

The Arrival of Children (Player Vignette) (01/12/2020)

Honesty and Duty (Player Vignette) (01/13/2020)

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