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The Newly Unliving Registry is the introduction quest for the new Ebon Gate festival grounds, Evermore Hollow. This quest was introduced in 2022.


The quest begins at the Evermore Hollow town hall where a skeletal town hall clerk awaits to help the adventurer begin their quest. A shadowy leatherbound guidebook, the key component of the quest, can be found there on the counter.

The guidebook is divided into thirteen chapters and an epilogue. These chapters help introduce the adventurer to the Evermore Hollow grounds. The grounds include a central town, several individual neighborhoods, a forest, an orchard, a graveyard, and a river. Each chapter in the guidebook focuses on a specific area of Evermore Hollow, and most of the quests for an area can generally be completed in that area.

Each chapter can be completed individually, and they do not need to be completed in the order they are found in the guidebook.

Chapter One

Chapter one is completed when the guidebook is acquired and read. It could be considered a bit of a “gimme” quest.

Chapter Two

The next chapter, two, takes the adventurer about town and introduces them to some of the towns shopkeepers.

Chapter Three

This chapter involves a visit to the Evermore Hotel to have a conversation with one of its spooky employees.

Chapter Four

Chapter four takes the quester to the neighborhood of Fate’s Holding.

Chapter Five

The fifth chapter begins at Innocent’s End with a playful assistant.

Chapter Six

A visit to the legionnaire of Vigil’s End offers insight into the memorialization of his people.

Chapter Seven

This chapter takes the adventurer on a chilly visit to the neighborhood of Winterbriar.

Chapter Eight

Chapter eight finds the quester visting the marshy neighborhood of Moorlyn in search of truth and justice.

Chapter Nine

A visit to a sorrowful spirit in the Graveyard Temporalis is the order of business for chapter nine.

Chapter Ten

Bittermere Woods is home to another blue spirit, and the adventurer will be going to see it during chapter ten.

Chapter Eleven

Take a ride with a river boatsman for in this chapter.

Chapter Twelve

Chapter twelve brings the quester face to face with something scary in Ember Ridge orchard. Hold on to your hats!

Chapter Thirteen

Still in the orchard, in this chapter the adventurer will find a traditional and rewarding experience as they get into the spirit of this final chapter.


Once all the chapters have been completed, the epilogue will be available for perusal.

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