Giantman Village

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The Giantman Village is a small village that migrates around Elanthia, never staying in the same place for long. Some of the inhabitants hail from the Issimir Ogre Clan. There are several places where it can be found between Icemule Trace and Solhaven. To find the village, look for a newly-cut path.


[Icemule Trail, Snowy Forest] RNUM: 2501
A drooping pine tree stands to one side of the trail, its long branches sweeping downward to brush against the ice-crusted ground. High overhead, the snow-tipped spires of the towering trees dance in the wind.
Obvious paths: north, south
[Wehnimer's, Exterior] RNUM: 3608
You stand below the top bank of the eastern shore of the Locksmehr River. From here you have a good view of the many merchant barges and fishing boats that move along the river. Some move towards the Landing to exchange their goods for silver, while others are working their way upstream to gather new cargo. You also see a sturdy bridge, a large metal-topped barrier arcing over most of the area, a wooden sign and a newly-cut path.
Obvious paths: east, south
[Zortahg's Spine, Tail] RNUM: 1353
Wooded vales flank the highroad's ridge to the east and west. To the south, the road ends in a fog-bound swale. You also see a newly-cut path.
Obvious paths: northeast, south
[Cairnfang Forest] RNUM: 1401
The caravan route passes beneath the arching branches of a giant thrakwood bush, growing close alongside the trail. About head level on a Giantman, the branches are too high to be a hindrance to anyone shorter. Sunlight reaches down through the canopy and highlights a cluster of snowblossoms in a clearing to the northeast. You also see a greater orc and a newly-cut path.
Obvious paths: northeast, south
[Upper Trollfang] RNUM: 1285
The chirping and croaking of a myriad of frogs fill the air here. A large number of lily pads grow in the pond formed by the slowing of the water that enters the area as a stream to the southwest. A smaller stream exits the pond to the east and carries the water further into the forest. You also see a newly-cut path.
Obvious paths: east, southwest

Points of Interest

[Giantman Village, Jeweler]
Small baskets of handcrafted jewelry sit about the interior of this tent. Torques, wrought belts, but most especially armbands glitter in the low light, all made by the hands of a master. The proprietor of the shop sits behind a well-worn bench, painstakingly tapping out patterns on a band of gold. You also see a large sign.
Obvious exits: out
Welcome to my shop!

I sell only the finest Clan Armbands, made by artisans who use techniques handed down through the generations.  These are geniune Clan Armbands made by full-blooded Clansmen!

Armbands representing each Clan are available for sale.  Please order by the numbers, and if you are paying by promissory note (we will take them from any known town), please make sure it is in your right hand.  Each band costs 5,600 silvers, with the exception of the Issimir Ogre Clan armband, which is an additional 3,300  silvers.

1 - Vaikalimara Clan
2 - Maeramil Wind Runner Clan
3 - Araime Sun Clan
4 - Grot'karesh Hammer Clan
5 - Issimir Ogre Clan
6 - Grishknel Wolf Clan
7 - Wsalamir Arctic Clan
8 - T'Kirem Bear Clan

This shop brought to you by the Rakan Family of the Issimir Ogre Clan.
[Giantman Village, Market]
A crowd of mostly women bustles about, talking and trading and bartering for daily staples. Foods and goods of various purpose exchange hands, creating a makeshift market in the little town. An open ramada shades a number of exotic foods and whatnots, the shopkeeper beckoning all passers-by to come and see. You also see a small cloth-covered table with some stuff on it.
Obvious paths: south

On the small cloth-covered table you see:

a mug of hearty wheat beer 60
a chunk of crusty dark bread 10
a boiled cabbage 50
a flagon of thick spiced mead 60
a slab of charred roast meat 15
a mug of fresh rolton's milk 25
a juicy boiled sweet potato 10
a meaty barbecued rib 25
some beet and mutton stew 60
[Giantman Village, Tavern]
The tent is large and airy, smelling strongly of good ale and honest sweat. Giantmen chat with the barkeep, who seems perfectly happy to talk. A large group clusters about a barrel in the corner. As they drain their mugs they dip them into the keg, refilling them with good giantkin beer. You also see a handwritten sign, a large open-topped keg and a large stein rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: out
In the Common language, it reads:
If ye've bought one of my steins, or bought a stein in another giantkin city, ye kin refill it in the keg here.  Just dip it in.  Issimir ale's the best, anyhow.  - The Barkeep

On the stein rack you see:

a carved wooden stein 1500
a skull-shaped stein 1500
a metal ogre's-fist stein 1500
[Giantman Village, Tent]
Set off slightly from the rest of the camp in a quiet place, a large, faded green tent sheds a bit of shade. Sitting in its shadow is perhaps the oldest giantman you have ever seen. The years and elements have wrinkled and tanned his skin like shrunken leather, and his shaman's braids are thinned with age. His brown eyes have filmed over, leaving him without vision, but the strong guard standing beside him sees to it that no harm can come to him. You also see a weather-tight faded green tent and an old storyteller.
Obvious exits: southeast

The storyteller will, if you ASK STORYTELLER FOR STORY, randomly tell you stories about the Grot'karesh Hammer Clan's Festival of the Dead; about the Grishknel Wolf Clan and their friends, the Nalfein; about Khaleb, the first Giantman to try the slalom at the Highland Games; the legend of Samarak the Grim and the creation of Kilanirij; or how the tavern the Hairless Rolton got its name.