Issimir Ogre Clan

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"a solid silver armband"
You see a solid silver armband with an uncut ruby pressed into the outer part of the band. The words "Issamir Ogre Clan" are lightly etched into the metal to either side of the gem.


For the most part, this clan has become sedentary, passing over their need to roam for a pouch full of silver and a warm hearth at night. They are the merchants of the clans, and are well known for their shrewd practices (and strong-arm tactics, in the case of loan repayment). When the taking of a city or the building of one involves giantmen, the run of the place is often assisted by an Issimir upon completion. Issimir who still feel the need to roam often become mercenaries of one kind or another.

Brief History/Notes

The Issimir formed under Tormala, shortly after the battle at the fortress ShadowGuard. Some of their founders were the giantkin sent to rebuild the areas surrounding Ta'Vaalor struck by the advancing Undead hordes, while many of the others were sent to help bury the dead from the battle.
Those of the Issimir Ogre Clan have appeared in many different major events to some degree: the burial of Kalaza, assisting the founding of Wehnimer's Landing, the maintenance of Icemule Trace. Usually they prefer to be in some sort of financial advisory, although clan members have also worked as merchant guild administrators, open market security, bank guards or locker transportation.
The Giantman village that roams up and down the western DragonSpine appears to be a nomadic Issimir tribe. The barkeep serves Issimir ale, while jeweler purports to be of the Rakan family.
The first level of relation or family is the kegritsha. Translation of this word is difficult, but the concepts it relays are blood-sworn friends or siblings. A kegritsha usually is no larger than 7 or 8 members, with most being 3 or 4 members. The next level of organization is the tribe, which is a more loose (but still very binding) organization. Ogre Clan members generally can't betray their tribe without betraying their kegritsha, but it is possible for the kegritsha itself to not heed its tribe. Not following the edict of the chieftain of the Clan, however, usually finds the offending Issimir broken, missing, or both.


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