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(The History of the Elanthian Katana)
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*[http://www.play.net/gs4/info/armory/edgedweapons.asp#katana Weapon Guide: Katana], on Play.net

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Compiled by an unknown Erithian historian.

The History of the Elanthian Katana

Legends written in ancient journals bespeak of the katana within Erithian civilization. A powerful weapon forged by the Elojun Iritin, a name that means “the wise or the seeing,” that was used solely as a tool to swiftly bring peace in times of great strife. The Erithi were a peaceful race, striving to avoid conflict with those they encountered, but when conflict could not be avoided, the Elojun Iritin were dispatched to bring calm to the fields of battle.

The Order of the Watchful Eye

The Order of the Watchful Eye has a basic structure like any monastic Order. There is a tiered hierarchy in which the members rise in rank, starting with Shioni-Ro (disciples) up to Elojun Iritin (master forgers/katana wielders). Above the Elojun Iritin is the Headmaster, or Eloun Irin, who oversees the daily welfare of the members.


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