House of Nalfein

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House of Nalfein
Crest an onyx rose on a field of jade
Jewel pearl (black)
Statement "Elegance and discretion are
the essence of civilization."
Founder Zishra Nalfein
Ruler Gaendel and Rhosyn

The House of Nalfein was one of the seven noble houses of elves in the ancient Elven Empire. Founded by Zishra Nalfein, Ta'Nalfein was always considered the center of Elven politics in Elanthia.

The Nalfein were fairly adept at everything, but their main mastery was in the art of stealth, in both politics and in the field. Many considered the Nalfein very ruthless, especially within their politics, because they would let practically nothing stand between themselves and what they wanted. Not all Nalfein stayed in Ta'Nalfein to be in politics, and many took up the trade of merchanting and traveling the world for both information and goods.

Recent History

In 725, the burghal gnomes first appeared in Ta'Nalfein, where they would become established as experts in wine-making. To this day, Bloodline Winedotter can be found as servants of the great houses, living in intricate and many-layered sub-basements beneath the elven buildings. Elven families consider it an honor and a sign of social status to have gnomes working in their house.

The First Turamzzyrian-Nalfein War lasted from 4605 to 4610.

The Second Turamzzyrian-Nalfein War lasted from 4769 to 4772.

In 5096, Patriarch Ylisse died under mysterious circumstances.

The House of Nalfein is currently ruled by King Gaendel and Queen Rhosyn.

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