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Madman Hralth arrived in River's Rest in early 5112 claiming a "silver-haired lass" brought him to shore near town after his ship, "The Singing Dolphin", was wrecked near Maelstrom Bay by the Felstrom which has just appeared near the bay. The "silver-haired lass" is later revealed to be Niima.

Hralth helps the residents of River's Rest investigate the Felstrom and the gnome Grevisth, who appears to be behind the appearance of the Felstrom. During a search of The Citadel, Hralth is kidnapped by the gnome and not seen for days before he's discovered with a missing leg.

Once Grevisth is run out of the Rest, Hralth led two different groups into the Felstrom, eventually helping them banish it from Maelstrom Bay forever.


You see Madman Hralth the Pirate.
He appears to be a Human from Torre.
He is short and appears to be old. He has bloodshot pale blue eyes and blotchy skin. He has thinning, grey hair with lighter streaks. He has a crooked nose and bushy sideburns.
He is in good shape.
He is wearing a weathered moth-eaten straw hat with a loosely-hanging torn brim, a lopsided drawstring rucksack, a hole-ridden dirty leather vest decorated with coral and sea glass, some ragged knee-length grey breeches patched with leather and twill, a stained tawny oilskin scabbard, some mismatched worn leather boots with untied rotten laces, and an ora shield slung over his shoulder.