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The Citadel

The Citadel was a fortress of the Kingdom of Elanith and the Kannalan Empire in the region of present day River's Rest in the County of Torre.

After the collapse of the Kannalan Empire in 3961, the Citadel became the last bastion of the Kannalan civilization as it was overrun by humanoids. The Citadel and the Kingdom of Elanith (more in name, than true political existence), was under the command of the leader of the Citadel's garrison, known only as the Commander. The first commander was Jaboz Cannfort and the last named leader of the Citadel. Per tradition of the leadership, those selected to lead gave up their name for the aforementioned title. The Commander was advised by the Council of Mages on all things magical.

The garrison of the Citadel was reorganized in 4002 by the last Commander into two battalions each composed of three companies named after birds or beasts. The companies were thus named: Boar, Ram, and Thrak; Falcon, Hawk, and Eagle. The beast companies represented a heavy battalion and the birds represented a mobile battalion. Of the six companies, the Falcon company was considered the most elite.

Each company was commanded by one lieutenant, known as First Cord, two sergeants, and twenty-four men, for a total of twenty-seven men. Thus, the total strength of the garrison was one hundred and sixty-two men.

The Citadel, in 4011, fell under the command of the Council of Mages, after the mysterious violent death of the last Commander, and the consequential flight of his favored successor Millah Pradapt who was framed for his death. In 4058, the Citadel finally fell to the combined assault of Krolvin and Trollish forces. Today, its ruins and surviving buildings are accessible through a magical barrier nearby to River's Rest.

Indigenous creatures (Outside)

Indigenous creatures (Inside)

In Imaerasta 5108, two investigators from the Hall of Mages, Pondrick and Husark recovered a tome from the Citadel. They said that the tome could change magic as it was known; this was the release of Searing Light (135). In removing the tome, they unleashed spirits that had been silent for a thousand years. The investigators left with the tome, leaving the citizens of the town to deal with the ghosts of the final stand.

Hunting Inside the Citadel

Considering the wide skill range of the creatures, the successful hunter should understand what creatures they can expect to encounter in specific areas.

  • Main floor: apprentices and guardsmen
  • Second floor: apprentices, arbalesters, guardsmen, and heralds
  • Battlements: arbalesters, guardsmen, and heralds
  • Dungeon: guardsmen, heralds, and swordsmen

Note, however, that the steel-bolted door leading to the Dungeon is considered part of the Dungeon, but has cardinal direction access to the main floor. Thus, if someone is hunting the the Dungeon, heralds and swordsmen can find their way to the main floor. For the purposes of bounties, the creatures which spawn on the main floor will also spawn on the second floor, regardless if the character enters the second floor. Swordsmen also appear to spawn occasionally on the second floor and the battlements if one character is hunting in the dungeon and another character is hunting in one of the other areas.

Landmarks and other information

There are seven buildings still standing within the Citadel, which are comprised of the following;

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