Icemulian Collective for the Improvement of Civilian Life, Etc. (ICICLE)

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The Icemulian Collective for the Improvement of Civilian Life, Etc., commonly known as ICICLE, is a group originally formed by Deputy Mayor Hibbits of Icemule, of citizens and non-citizens who are concerned with the welfare of Icemule. The group was formed on Eorgaen 4, 5117 (December 4, 2017). Citizen and non-citizen members were selected by a random drawing of those interested, who had previously signed up.

ICICLE was granted official MHO status on Charlatos 9, 5118 (March 9, 2018).

[Commerce Burrow, Sylvan Hollow] RNUM: 2428
A cobblestone circle marks the entrance to an ornate white marble structure. Sparkling clean windows mark either side of the entrance, over which the words "Clovertooth Hall" are deeply engraved. The circle is empty but for a few bleary-eyed clerks and visitors doing after-hours business with the government of Icemule Trace. You also see a gilded rectangular sign with icicles formed upon it, a towering motionless shadow and a copper-edged modwir podium.
Obvious exits: north
~ Icemulian Collective for the Improvement of Civilian Life, Etc. ~
                       Founded Eorgaen 5117


Dirvy (Chairwoman)
Laralana (Vice Chairwoman)
Hibbits (ex-officio)

Current Members

as of Jastatos 5, 5118

  • Chairwoman : Dirvy Britbane
  • Vice Chairwoman : Laralana Lane
  • Strategist : Arshwikk Aralock
  • Town Planner : Brokkrsten Vindonnus
  • Assistant Town Planner : Vacant
  • Intercessor : Vacant
  • Public Liaison : Vacant
  • Surveyor : Jalodg Calahann
  • Historian : Zailon Britbane Faendryl
  • Ex-Officio Member : Hibbits Hoft

Icemule Ambassadors

  • Wehnimer's Landing, Solhaven, River's Rest : Vacant
  • Ta'Illistim, Cysaegir, Ta'Vaalor : Arshwikk Aralock
  • Zul Logoth, Teras : Vacant


Statement of Purpose

ICICLE’s purpose is to ensure Icemule Trace is a safe place for our townspeople and visitors, to help enrich the lives of those who visit and live there, and to help maintain the integrity of our rich and diverse history.

Statement of Governing

  • ICICLE shall be a democratic Meeting Hall Organization based out of Icemule Trace, with all members voting on key issues; the Chair breaking all ties and controlling the agenda for issues to be brought before a vote.
  • ICICLE shall have no more than 10 members, until such time as a need arises that additional positions need to be filled.
  • All members shall be an officer and have all privileges of a Meeting Hall Organization officer.
  • All officer roles will be chosen by each individual member, with approval from the Chair.
  • Officer terms shall be for life. Should a position be vacated for longer than three months without notice, nominations by members will be accepted and the position shall be filled a vote by all members. Should a position be vacated under circumstances other than absence, nominations from members will be heard and the position shall be filled by a vote of all members within 2 weeks of the position being vacated.
  • If an ICICLE officer has not participated in a Meeting Hall Organization activity and/or has been absent from the lands for a period of three months, it is the Chair’s obligation to contact that person and give them two weeks to respond. If the officer in question does not respond within the two week period and has no basis for their disappearance, then they shall be expelled from office. If the officer in question does respond within the two week period, an explanation for their inactivity will be mandatory and their status as an officer may be placed into question, situation depending.
  • If an ICICLE officer is seen unfit, uncooperative, unwilling to take their responsibilities within ICICLE seriously, or purposely refuses to adhere to the tenets of the charter, the officer’s continued membership and/or any disciplinary action may be put to a vote with the other officers of ICICLE. However, it is within the Chair’s authority to remove any officer who does not adhere to the responsibilities of an ICICLE officer position.
  • In the event the Chair position is vacated, the Vice Chair will step up to the vacant position (if they so desire) and a vote will be held to fill the Vice Chair position. In the event the Vice Chair position is vacated, nominations will be heard from members and a vote of all members will be held to fill this position.

Requirements for Joining

Proposed members for ICICLE must meet the following requirements:

  • They shall be a titled adventurer of the age of 20 years or greater.
  • Because all members of ICICLE are officers, a proposed member cannot be an officer of another Meeting Hall Organization.
  • A member does not have to be a citizen of Icemule Trace.

Membership Fees

There shall be no initiation or monthly fees associated with membership.

Membership Privileges

  • All members shall have access to all areas of the PRO Halls.
  • Members will be involved in all decisions concerning ICICLE.
  • Members will lead at least one project of their own, with a team of members to support them.


  • Member contributions to ICICLE will be considered donations to the endowment.
  • Outside donations to ICICLE will be considered donations to general (slush) funds.
  • Allocation of funds generated by fundraising events will be decided by a vote of all members of ICICLE.
  • General funds will be deposited into the Icemule Trace account of the Chair, and can be drawn upon by the Chair or Vice Chair for expenses, entertainment (parties), prizes, etc. Members can use general funds for prizes or events, upon approval from the Chair and Vice Chair.
  • Members are not required to contribute to the endowment or general funds.
  • Member contributions do not entitle a member to special privileges.
  • All contributions must be reported to the Vice Chair so that an accurate account of all funds can be recorded, and possible discrepancies in the accounts may be found and clarified.
  • Members may contribute items and equipment for general use/prizes.


  • Member meetings will be held at least twice per month.
  • Special meetings and public meetings will be held at the discretion of the Chair, or as needed.
  • Team project meetings will be held as needed by team leads.
  • The Chair shall preside over all member and public meetings. In the Chair’s absence, the Vice Chair shall preside. Special meetings may be presided over by a member, if a member’s expertise is needed for the meeting.
  • Notices of meetings will be posted on the official ICICLE Discord channel in a timely fashion.

Current Projects

Citizens and visitors of Icemule are welcome to provide input to any of the ICICLE members regarding current or future project ideas.

Icemule Trace Citizens Lounge:

  • Outside/Building Design
  • Waterfall
  • Underground Hot Springs
  • Fishing Area

Clovertooth Hall Expansion - In progress

  • Auditorium that seats 100
  • Meeting space that seats 15
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • Wine Cellar

Icemule Trace Museum:

  • Outside/Building Design
  • International Wing
  • Citizens Wing
  • Special Collections Wing
  • Natural History Wing (Icemule-Based)

Icemule Trace-Wehnimer's Landing Greenhouse - In progress

  • Outside Building/Interior Design
  • Interior Room Components

Wurt's Amulets - In progress

  • Interior Design
  • Restock

Yarn Shop - In progress

  • Outside Building/Interior Design
  • Inventory Design

Icemule Trace Alarm System - In progress

  • Design

Icemule Trace Defense System - In progress

  • Wall defenses

Icemule Trace Embassy:

  • Outside/Building Design
  • Wehnimer's Landing Wing
  • Solhaven Wing
  • River's Rest Wing
  • Zul Logoth Wing
  • Teras Wing
  • Ta'Illistim Wing
  • Cysaegir Wing
  • Ta'Vaalor Wing

Completed Projects

Citizens Tent

[Icemule Trace, South Road] RNUM: 2410
The hoarse voices from the west are hard to understand. Either they are happy cries or anguished moans, or perhaps both. A group of enterprising youths approach you and ask for silvers, but continue along the road without pausing for your response. You also see a stone cottage, a tiny halfling tent sentinel and a large ice blue and white-striped tent that reads "Citizens Only" above the entrance.
Obvious exits: north, east, south, west
[Citizens' Tent, Reception] RNUM: 27031
Town citizens mill about the open space of the tent, weaving in between the support poles and engaging in idle chatter. A few individuals cluster near a large announcement board, gossiping loudly. The distinct smell of freshly baked tarts wafts from a snowflake-carved modwir refreshment cart in one corner of the room. Near the rear of the tent, an icicle-engraved fel box stocked with tinder rests next to an iron brazier. The atmosphere lends a potential respite from the cold just outside. You also see an ice blue curtain heading to the northeast, a snow white curtain heading to the southeast and a small silver-edged plaque.
Obvious exits: out
In the Common language, it reads:
|   Icemule Trace Citizen's Lounge    |
|      Designed by Brokkrsten         |
|    With Assistance from ICICLE      |
|  Dirvy, Chair / Laralana, Co-Chair  |
|    Commissioned by Hibbits Hoft     |

[Citizens' Tent, Meeting Area] RNUM: 27032
Thick, ornate rugs depicting a colorful history of Icemule Trace layer the floors of the softly lit room. A masterfully crafted spherical metal stove commands attention in the center of the area surrounded by some plush velvet pillows. A woven manroot stalk bench sits opposite the curtain leading back to the reception. An occasional shadow from the stove dances across the tent walls. You also see an artfully designed white metal lectern, a rhimar-lined wooden barrel and a snow white curtain heading to the northwest.
Obvious exits: none
[Citizens' Tent, Donations] RNUM: 27033
In this comparatively smaller room of the tent, several large containers with neatly printed labels line one tent wall. A modwir bin labeled "Warm Stuffses" with partitions for numerous articles of clothing sits beside a scuffed balenite footlocker labeled "Fighting Stuffses" large enough to hold several weapons and pieces of armor. Winterberry-stained handprints cover the outside of an off-white wicker basket labeled "Belly Stuffses," likely a space reserved for tarts and other snacks. You also see an ice blue curtain heading to the southwest.
Obvious exits: none

Flashfeet's Fine Fashions

[Flashfeet's Fine Fashions] RNUM: 3403
Warmed by a halfling-sized cast iron stove, this room features several mannequins in various outfits. A small sign hangs near the dressing room, which is flanked by elegant fur coats and leather jackets. Pristine white polar bear furs, silvery arctic wolverine pelts, and shimmering ivory snowcat skins adorn the walls. A freshly retouched mural of Icemule Trace hangs above a small wooden door leading deeper into the shop. You also see a party tent token booth.
Obvious exits: east, west, out
[Flashfeet's, Traveller's Togs] RNUM: 3404
A row of wooden pegs lines one oak-paneled wall, displaying thick, colorful caps and scarves. The remaining three walls are covered in rich tapestries suspended from thick mithril rods that hang from the ceiling and embroidered with scenes of local wildlife. The floor is covered with a lush, white rug made to resemble snow. A long, glass case that holds a variety of mittens and gloves occupies one corner of the shop. A young sylvan apprentice tidies the shawls on a nearby wooden rack. You also see a small sign.
Obvious exits: east, west
[Flashfeet's, Fine Footwear] RNUM: 3405
Pristine white walls accented with silvery swirls create the illusion of windblown snow. Several clear glass tables displaying slippers and shoes sit upon luxurious white carpet. Along the rear wall, two narrow glass shelves stand bearing several styles of boots. Positioned between the shelves is a small sign, with a smug-looking elven clerk close by. Off in one corner, a short stove filled with glowing embers offers limited amounts of warmth, making this room a bit colder than the rest.
Obvious exits: east
[Flashfeet's, Original Outfits] RNUM: 3406
Along the back wall of this room, an elegant gold-trimmed glass case bears several unique clothing designs, a small sign positioned neatly above it. On each adjacent wall, several wide shelves stand evenly spaced, their contents folded in neat stacks. Dancing light emanating from candelabras placed throughout the room illuminates the wares for sale. A stately oak desk rests atop an ornate rug in the center of the room. An older dwarven shopkeeper stands next to the desk, a welcoming smile on his face.
Obvious exits: east, west
[Flashfeet's, Pins and Pendants] RNUM: 3407
Soft, white velvet fabric has been draped over the tops of various intricately carved counters, creating a bright showroom. Shimmering silver tinsel snowflakes draw eyes to the glittering wares on display. Inside a series of carved jewelry cases, small, white podiums exhibit semi-precious gems set in an assortment of earrings, necklaces, and other trinkets. A lively human clerk keeps a watchful eye on cases and customers alike. You also see a small sign.
Obvious exits: west
[Flashfeet's, Sacks and Satchels]
Dark, rich, wooden floors contrast the jewel-toned tiles adorning the walls, reflecting a myriad of colors. Centered on each tile is a metal rod bearing all manner of satchels and sacks. Spaced evenly throughout the room, dark wooden tables have been neatly stacked with assorted pouches, cases, and kits. A jovial giantman clerk tends to a wide fieldstone fireplace along the back wall next to a basket of sticks. You also see a small sign and a small wooden door.
Obvious exits: out

Public Meeting Notes