The Troubles

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Mayor Nihala, the Mayor of Icemule Trace, found a tome that she was able to unlock and read. Over the course of her studying the tome, she became very ill and magically linked to the tome. Around this time, strange orbs were seen around Icemule and inside the Penitentiary outside of Icemule. An odd disk materialized in the middle of Town Center. Deputy Mayor Hibbits took over most day to day operations in light of Nihala's illness. A committee known as ICICLE was formed. Townspeople are collecting clues and researching to solve several mysteries that keep them puzzled.

Chapter 1: Whiteout

Chapter 1: The Troubles

The trouble seemed to begin with a small disk with an eye-shaped sigil on it, which formed in the middle of Town Center and strange orbs were seen around town and at the penitentiary. About the same time, the town was invaded by a variety of creatures.

It was soon after that Icemule Trace found out that Mayor Nihala was ill, and Deputy Mayor Hibbits would be handling a fair amount of her normal duties. It was also observed that the Deputy Mayor was acting strange, and he was seen with a shadow about his person at all times. This shadow seemed to shift or change every time they saw Deputy Mayor Hibbits, and when questioned about it, he seemed to be unable to see it. He was also unable to see the disk, the dome, the tower, or the arch.

Chapter 2: A Visit to the Mayor

Deputy Mayor Hibbits expressed his concern about the Mayor's health, and Kilded was chosen to investigate. He entered the Mayoral residence and spoke to the Mayor for a time. He and others looking in through the window, witnessed a strange shadow in the room with her. And later, Kilded reported he had seen a similar shadow about the Mayor's person.

The Mayor told him about a tome she found locked away in a safe in Clovertooth Hall, and showed it to him. It was called "A History of Ancient Sorcery Recorded by Daukhera Darkflorr". He reported that the tome was locked, but the Mayor admitted to reading it and learning about ancient magicks.

Shortly after his visit with the Mayor, Kilded was observed with a similar shadow about his person, his hair began thinning and falling out, and he seemed to begin aging at an accelerated rate.

Chapter 3: The Far Market

Enestrie was also similarly affected, when Mayor Nihala died under mysterious circumstances, and she went to restore her life. Enestrie's skin took on a blue hue.

Throughout the next several days and weeks, Icemule was invaded by a wide variety of creatures, the Mayor continued to study the tome, and strange apparitions were occasionally seen in Icemule. They would often speak to those close enough to hear. Once such apparition bid the witnesses to learn from it and not to fear.

The apparitions would sometimes travel near the orbs that are seen about town and the penitentiary, then would travel back to the disk at Town Center. However, it was observed that when this happened, the apparitions would be absorbed into the disk itself, and some unknown energy would transform the disk. From a disk into a dome, then into a tower, then an arch. The orbs also seemed to move, and some were quite dangerous to be near.

Dirvy attempted to heal the Mayor of her affliction, but while her mind was connected to the Mayor, she had a vision. She heard tormented wailing and maniacal laughter. She saw shadows shrouding Mayor Nihala's soul, forests that resemebled Pinefar, and once their minds were separated, the tome the Mayor held was on the snowy ground. Unlike Kilded and Enestrie, Dirvy did not seem to be suffering from any ill effects from being near the Mayor or the tome.

Later, Icemule Trace found out there was a bounty on the Mayor and the tome. The leader of a group called Far Market tried to claim the bounty by burning down the Mayor's home.

Chapter 4: Invasion Training

It was around this time that Deputy Mayor Hibbits fled Icemule, after he failed to control summoning magicks, during a training exercise.

Chapter 5: Attempts to Heal Nihala

Chapter 6: Far Market Troubles

Chapter 7: Commune with Lumnis

Chapter 8: The Warden

The Tome

The tome is quite large and heavy.  The cover, crafted of an unknown hide, is cracked and faded, though you can still make out the tome's title.  A thick, metal-bound leather strap set with a keyhole wraps around the book, sealing off its contents.
There appears to be something written on it.
In the Common language, it reads:
A History of Ancient Sorcery Recorded by Daukhera Darkflorr
The tome is clearly visible beneath the bars of the caged pedestal.  It has been opened to the first page.  On the left side is a collection of dense, unintelligible text.  The text seems to be truly random, being of different colors and written in different directions.  On the right side of the spine is a glowing purple sigil in the shape of an eye.  You cannot escape the feeling that the eye is looking directly back at you...
In the Common language, it reads:
Under direction from the Eight, I, Daukhera the Black, have been tasked to document The Troubles for future reference.  I have endeavored to keep my notes as clear as possible, and will be transcribing them to this volume, which will be taken to Marble Cavern for safekeeping under the direct supervision of the Eight themselves.  It is my deepest hope that The Troubles have been eradicated, but there appears to be some skepticism among the elders.  The series of events known as The Troubles began with a...
16 Eorgina 3013

The electrum dome has almost been extinguished, thanks to the tireless work of the Eight.  We do have the {incomprehensible}, but that brings its own perils, and would require Council approval to enact.  Should the Troubles ever return, the Eight have labored to secret away the tool necessary to counter them.  Each has placed a portion of the whole in a location chosen by affinity {incomprehensible}...
Begin your quest at the peak of the Pinnacle.  Seek out the tomb from before the time of Dreams.  'Neath its slumber shall you find the Home.  From the Home venture forth in the deepest of ways, plumbing the depths of the darkest nightmare.  My piece of the Whole comes at a price for the seeker.  A part of yourself shall you leave behind, for knowledge of this sort always has its price.

After townspeople read this page, they searched the forests of Pinefar, and outside of the Chamber of the Dead, they found the frozen body of the Warden.

The page has been torn out of some kind of book or other binding as evidenced by the jagged left edge.  Though the ink on the page has faded considerably, some words in elegant script are visible near the top.  Toward the center-bottom of the page, a symbol has been painted in near-invisible ink.  Try as you might, you can't make it out; your eye simply won't focus upon it, as if it were purposefully evading your gaze.
There appears to be something written on it.

In the Common language, it reads:

Primeval power long ago forbidden
With simplest words can be unhidden


Dirvy's vision the night she attempted to heal Mayor Nihala:

You approach Nihala, intent on healing her. You reach out with your mind, attempting to establish the empath link. But something goes awry. Some force is interfering with your attempt... a powerful entity or essence or something you can't quite discern. You glance down at the tome in Nihala's hand which begins to glow an eerie green hue.

You are paralyzed, unable to move, yet you continue probing Nihala's mind with your empathic abilities, in search of some solution, some ray of hope. You desperately wish to heal her of this curse, this magical plague. But your mind's eye finds only shadows in her soul, and your ears are bombarded with tormented wailings and maniacal laughter. You struggle to maintain a semblance of sanity. You are immobilized.

The air grows thick with a swirling magical essence that quickly envelops the healer and Mayor as they are locked in a mental struggle.

Feeling all hope is lost, you reach out with one final attempt to find light in Nihala's soul. Suddenly, your mind is transported and as the magic lurches you forward. You receive a vision. You are standing on a snowy mountainside surrounded by verdant evergreens. Though your sight is blurry, you recognize this as the Pinefar forests. You immediately realize you are seeing the not-too-distant future. But something just in front of you isn't quite right. What is that doing here? It doesn't belong! You reach out to it, grab ahold, and pull...

The tome lands on the ground with a thump.

You hear a thump as whatever you yanked lands on the snowy ground, and the vision around you dissolves into reality. You notice your own body has landed in the snow, but you are still bewildered, and not quite able to move yet. Breaking the empathic link with Nihala, Dirvy collapses in the snow, still unable to move.

Nihala looks unfazed and sighs gently.

Enestrie's vision while walking back from White Haven, in her own words:

While walking back to White Haven this eve after catching a breathtaking view of the sun setting over the ice pond I had a sudden vision. I am writing down exactly what I saw in case I fail to recall it on the morrow.

I was on my way back to White Haven, my recent pilgrimage to Zul Logoth still on my mind--memories of the splendid murals, and the awe-inspiring presence of each Liabo patron that Eruheran, Arnylon, Mylenna, and I witnessed on our epic climb.

I suddenly sensed Lorminstra's presence at this moment of recall. It was so startling I nearly fainted.

I ran past the doorman and into the foyer as I was overcome by Lorminstra's insight:

In my minds eye I see: a handshake deep in darkness... A deal made in secret... A payment in shade...

Before I even had a moment to ponder--I became overcome with exhaustion. I felt my eyes close, and it was if a mist was dissolved in my mind.

Then, a voice whispers, "We have to get rid of this thing, but she opened it already..." The vision is gone as quickly as it came.

I find it very hard to breath, so I concentrate--inhale, exhale........suddenly I am in Pinefar, running as fast as I can, tripping over frozen logs and leaping past icy brambles. The weight of the sack in my hands is nearly too much to bear, and the weight of my heart, even heavier.

I sat up, startled, and the vision left. As I tried to calm my thoughts and slow my pounding heart, I sensed my Goddess Lorminstra for a fleeting moment......then she was gone.

Enestrie's vision the night the Warden's body was found outside of the Chamber of the Dead:

As you try to recover, your mind wanders back to your vision. Running through the woods... a secret word... a tomb... a frozen corpse...


  • A tome called A History of Ancient Sorcery, written by Daukhera Darkflorr.
  • A page from the tome that Enestrie is in possession of, that has a riddle, "Primeval power long ago forbidden. With simplest words can be unhidden."
  • The shadows that shroud Kilded, his accelerated aging, and his hair falling out.
  • Enestrie's weakness and skin turning blue.
  • Dirvy's vision that included maniacal laughter, tormented wailing, shadows shrouding Mayor Nihala's soul, the forests of Pinefar, and at the end of the vision, the tome was on the ground, wrenched from the Mayor's hand while Dirvy was connected to her.
  • Necromancy, that seems to be the cause for all the magical disruptions in Icemule lately.
  • Deputy Mayor Hibbits having the power to summon creatures during the training session, and then him being unable to control that magic and fleeing to the forest of Pinefar, and later finding himself in the Elemental Confluence, where he died. Hibbits is still missing.
  • The dome in Town Center that keeps transforming by drawing energy from an unknown source. It is theorized by Arnylon and Dirvy that the dome may be feeding off of life energy.
  • The orbs in and around town and at the Penitentiary, that seem to be cracked or deteriorating. Witnesses have observed these orbs injuring and killing townspeople. Caution should be used when in close promixity to these orbs.
  • Apparitions that have been seen traveling to orbs and back to the dome where they are then absorbed. The last apparition to appear was in humanoid form. Another humanoid apparition joined it, and shortly after, those gathered were under attack by various creatures. It is theorized by Dirvy, that the apparitions drew life energy from these slain creatures to feed into the dome when they were later absorbed by it. The last time an apparition appeared, it asked those gathered to learn from it and to not fear.
  • The bounty that has been placed on the Mayor and the tome she possesses.
  • The strange, unintelligible whispers that can sometimes be heard in town.
  • The prisoner that claims to be Daukhera Darkflorr.
  • The Warden's body recovered outside of the Chamber of the Dead.


While the entirety of the letters is still not publicly known, it was claimed that there was a warning about a traitor within ICICLE who was a high-ranking member of Far Market, was convicted of murder and was a fugitive of the law. This was made known in three letters written to Dirvy Britbane, signed by author Mouldo. Deputy Mayor Hibbits Hoft made it publicly known about these letters. At the time, only two members of ICICLE knew of their existence.

Chapter 2: The Dawn of Daukhera