Korvath Dardanus Faendryl

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Korvath Dardanus Faendryl is the thirty-ninth Faendryl Patriarch, and the current Patriarch.

During his reign, he has released The Enchiridion Valentia Common Language Edition to all citizens of Elanthia. His ambassador in Ta'Illistim is Tredohal Hashier Faendryl.

Patriarch of the House of Faendryl
Preceded by: Succeeded by:
Unknown (Eventually Rythwier Sukari Faendryl) None

Faendryl Bloodline
Descendant of: Ancestor of:
None Known None Known


The Enchiridion Valentia


My dear Faendryl, fellow people of Elanith, and elves.  The recent incident in the city of Ta'Illistim is an utmost unfortunate tragedy that has befallen the Faendryl and Illistim people.  Words cannot express the full spectrum of my emotions when I first heard the news of the rogue Summoner.  Innocent lives have been unnecessarily lost on both sides, all due to one's foolish actions and personal issues of self-worth.  I speak for my people when I say that we do not agree with, or condone, the actions of the one responsible.  He has acted beyond disregard for procedural summoning safety, as well as the disregard for the safety of the people around him.

The Basilica Tower was immediately aware of what was occurring the moment Rhythus Veranthe Faendryl pierced the veil to Lorae'Tyr, and the scholar currently on watch -- High Magus Severnus Aviligne Faendryl -- dispatched a squad of Palestra to travel to Ta'Illistim in an effort to remedy the situation.  Indeed, were it not for the quick thinking of the High Magus, I fear the worst might have happened to our fair distant relations.  They were able to quickly seal the portal to Lorae'Tyr, ceasing the stream of Abyran'ra, and swiftly and efficiently vanquished the remaining beings roaming the city.

The High Magus was ordered to return the rogue Summoner back to the Basilica Tower for punishment, but the Illistim interfered in this effort -- thus we are forced to accept, but will acknowledge, any sentence that is placed upon him in the elven courts.  However, I would dearly love to believe that any 'reparations' we might make were served quite fittingly when we stemmed the tide of the demonic horde into Ta'Illistim.

Summoning is not, and never was, meant for idle practice.  The flaunting of rules and regulations of proper summoning procedure can have devastating effects, not only on the Summoner, but the people around the Summoner as well.  What we have here is just that.  The rogue Summoner, in his youth and inexperience, did not follow the rules for safe summoning, and inadvertently summoned a Major Demon beyond his control.

The link between the Summoner and demon failed to be established upon being pulled to our world, which would normally otherwise strand the being on our world.  However, due to the nature and power of the Abyran'ra, it was able to effectively create a rift back to it's valence, thereby allowing more of its kind to enter our world.

In an act of good faith, I, Korvath Dardanus Faendryl, Patriarch XXXIX, have given order to the Basilica Tower to abide by the wishes of Queen Myasara of House Illistim.  The Scholars of the Valences, keepers and scriveners of our summoning practices, are currently in work on translating excerpts of our Enchiridion Valentia into Common.  Following the translation efforts, the information therein will be distributed not only to the Queen's royal scholars, but the entire populace of Elanith.  After all, who better fit to judge the safety of this practice than the masses themselves?

It is our hope that by releasing this information, we will enlighten the nations of Elanith as a whole on the safety of Summoning.  It is not a dangerous Art when it is practiced properly.  And we have faith that our records, and knowledge, will prove itself to be just -- both in any court, as well as in the eyes of the people of Elanith.

By my hand,

Korvath Dardanus Faendryl, Patriarch XXXIX of House Faendryl


By the time this notice reaches your eyes, the couriers sent out from the Basilica Tower will undoubtedly have already delivered the excerpts of the Enchiridion Valentia to all recognized towns and cities. A new era, then, has been ushered into our, the people of Elanith, history.

Perhaps Rhythus Veranthe Faendryl, in the end, achieved what he sought to: a common understanding for everyone on the safety, and capability of summoning. His means, however, did not justify the effects. His sentence to death was a justified measure by the Illistim courts.

I, and my people, stand behind our centuries of experience. If procedures and safety are taken into consideration first and foremost when summoning, the experience is absolutely safe. The propaganda Illistim spouts is one of fear, and misunderstanding.

Let us watch, together, as this new era in magic unfolds. The potential in the excerpts of knowledge from the Enchiridion Valentia has to offer is vast. It is up to the wielder of the knowledge to understand, grasp, and fully use that potential.

By my hand,
Korvath Dardanus Faendryl, Patriarch XXXIX of House Faendryl

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