Mystic Impedance (1708)

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Mystic Impedance (1708)
Mnemonic [IMPEDE]
Duration 180 seconds
Cast Time 2
Mana Cost 3
Attack Magic - Disabling  
Subtype Special 
Target(s) Single target 
Interval One-shot 
State(s) Inflicted Special
Arcane Spells
Arcane Blast (1700) Attack
Arcane Decoy (1701) Defensive
Unannounced (1702)
Unannounced (1703)
Stun Cloud (1704) Attack
Martial Prowess (1705) Defensive
Flaming Aura (1706) Attack
Minor Steam (1707) Attack
Mystic Impedance (1708) Attack
Minor Cold (1709) Attack
Major Acid (1710) Attack
Mystic Focus (1711) Offensive
Spirit Guard (1712) Defensive
Death Cloud (1713) Attack
Quake (1714) Attack
Firestorm (1715) Attack
Neutralize Curse (1716) Utility
Unannounced (1717)
V'tull's Fury (1718) Attack
Unannounced (1719)
Arcane Barrier (1720) Defensive
Unannounced (1725)
Fash'lo'nae's Gift (1750) Utility

Mystic Impedance impedes the target's ability to cast high-level spells. The total number of spell levels restricted in this manner is based on the caster's Arcane Symbols or Magic Item Use skill, depending on the method of activation. The top-level restriction is calculated according to (20 - summation seed 1 of (caster's ranks/2)). For example, a caster with 50 Magic Item Use ranks waving a smooth amber wand at a target will cause it to be unable to cast spells of level 14 or higher.

Restricted Spells AS / MIU Ranks
20+ 0
19+ 2
18+ 6
17+ 12
16+ 20
15+ 30
14+ 42
13+ 56
12+ 72
11+ 90
10+ 110
9+ 132
8+ 156
7+ 182
6+ 210
5+ 240

The mechanic works similar to Sounds (607) - auto success up to a certain margin above the caster's level, then there's a % chance of failure until you get far above the level of the caster, then auto failure.

If cast natively using an Spell knowledge item, the spell defaults to using your Arcane Symbols ranks to determine the highest level of spells nullified.

Mystic Impedance (1708) is found on scrolls generated by the treasure system. This spell can also commonly be found in smooth amber wands.

Mystic Impedance will last 30 seconds when cast by creatures (huge water elementals).


Initial cast:

A dizzying array of golden runes surround and suffuse you before being absorbed into your body.
A dizzying array of golden runes surround and suffuse a rolton before being absorbed into his body.
A dizzying array of runes surround Target. With a sudden flash, they shoot off in every direction, leaving Target unchanged.

Wearing off:

Golden runes enscribe themselves upon your body, quickly fading into nothingness.

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