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Founded by Ondreian Shamsiel Faendryl, Patriarch XVII of House Faendryl, the Palestra was a place for the education and training of the finest warriors, especially those intended to protect sorcerers from summoned demons. The students are especially well versed in theories of magic and how to counter summoned beings. Those who have finished their training can be directly hired by individual sorcerers as personal guards, for a fee. Warriors from the Palestra directly contribute to the Basilican Guard. The Palestra is headed by a Palestrian Prefect, a position which also carries the rank of Archchancellor.

There are four ranks of Palestra that are determined at Palestra Trials (from lowest to highest):

Rank Symbol
Paele Two clasped hands
Peltast A shield
Sarissa A pair of crossed spears
Blade A pair of crossed blades

Behind the Scenes

Posted by GM Valyrka 2013/8/18

The Palestra is equal to the Hall of Mages with regard to membership. It would take an NPC awarding membership and deciding a PC is worthy. Please do not ask merchants for Palestra items, they will only be released through official means.

I.e., a Palestra player character (PC) will not be recognized officially unless granted the title by an NPC.

Recognized Wandering (PC) Palestra

Wanderers of Mahkra (5116)
Blade Arku, Blade Aurach, Blade Durakar, and Sarissa Noira
Seekers of Mahkra (5118)
Blade Divyne, Blade Hypolita, Sarissa Brutish, and Peltast Synathaesia
Platinum-(Class name pending) (5118)
Blade Vrin, Sarissa Alsal, Peltast Qoshkalia
Vanguard of Mahkra (5122)
Blade Brutish, Blade Anru, Blade Dhairn, Blade Yardie, Blade Ketsimney, Sarissa Tayler, Sarissa Xylador, Peltast Alanisse, and Peltast Vaeldrys.