Palestra Trials 5116

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In 5116, the Faendryl government recognized that the large population of Faendryl living scattered throughout Elanthia was a raw, untapped resource for new Palestra.

It was decided that, periodically, the academies would send out trainers to search the lands for those with the potential to be Palestra, but had not had the luxury of presenting themselves to an academy. These individuals would be given a chance to earn a place in the ranks of the Palestra through a lesser academy if they could prove that their skills and abilities are on par with other graduates.

Blade Schalyne was sent to seek out those who had the abilities and desire and had already been living the life of a Palestra. The first candidates to qualify were Arku, Aurach, Durakar, and Noira.

The 5116 trials took place on the 11th and 12th of Fashanos (February), with the results announced at a formal ceremony on the 15th. On the first day of trials, each of the candidates were introduced and each performed a display of their weapon skills, either with creature opponents or without.

The second day of trials was in three phases: two matches (random draw) for candidate v. candidate, each candidate v. Mishrac, a Palestra Blade, and all candidates together v. lesser demons.

On Volnes the 15th, a ceremony was held and Master Jahosk of Mahkra Academy granted the title of Blade (highest) to Arku, Aurach, and Durakar, and the title of Sarissa (second highest) to Noira.


  • Day 1 - 5116 Fashanos 11 (Opening and initial weapon skills display)
  • Day 2 - 5116 Fashanos 12 (Trials)
  • Day 3 - 5116 Fashanos 15 (Ceremony)

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