Pillar of the Gods

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The Pillar of the Gods (Iruaric: Luor'ka'tai) is a very tall spire (approximately five miles high) of black crystal and metal located in central Thuul in the Shadow World history. It was formed by a tiny black hole striking the world in the First Era cataclysm that brought the Lords of Orhan (Liabo) to this universe, which was ultimately the source of magic and all of the magical metals. In fact, such magical metals are concentrated around it, dispersing with distances. The pillar was surrounded by powerful essence disturbances and emitted waves of space and time distortions. The Bay of the Gods is constantly churning and forming violent whirlpools, waterspouts and electrical discharges because of the pillar, and in 6053 Third Era a flow storm was anchored on it. Since it was relatively near the Wall of Darkness, it may have been somehow related to the isles of transfer phenomenon. Unstable flows of essence and flow storms are more common around the Pillar of the Gods than anywhere else on the planet.

The pillar was potentially relevant in the I.C.E. Age history because the Iruaric glossary released for The Broken Lands omitted only the words for "the pillar of the gods." The Broken Lands and Shadow Valley have subtle motifs of being transient spaces that coexist in more than one reality, along with dream and moon themes which appears to be intentionally influencing the Red Forest.

Behind the Scenes

In the modern history Talon Isle has a striking resemblance to the Pillar of the Gods. It is the location of a stone obelisk belonging to an ancient network from before the Chronomages called themselves by that name, which is an archaism in reference to their precursor concept when they were called The Navigators. Where the Navigators would teleport to the obelisk with their "compass" artifacts, the modern lore says the obelisk transfers the person to their "chapterhouse." This seems to be splicing the concept with the Navigator home isle of Nexus. Talon Isle is the home port of The Firebird.