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A pure potion is a potion containing two doses of the spell Heroism for clerics and Bravery for all other professions who cannot cast the spell, activated by the DRINK (verb). Alternatively, the potion may be used to bless a suitable weapon for 1 × the level of the user's swings, activated by the POUR (verb). Pure potions are more powerful when used by clerics, resulting in a blessing that is good for 3 × the level of the cleric's swings. Pure potions can also neutralize a curse when poured.

Several cleric shops sell pure potions in their backroom.

Profession Cleric
Discipline Potions
Spell 211, 215
304, 309
Uses 2
Rank taught 54
Rank end 63
Location All

Alchemy Recipe

A pure potion
  1. Add blessed water
  2. Add fragrant white lily
  3. Add faintly radiant dust
  4. Chant Remove Curse (315)
  5. Add plains lion skin from plains lions
  6. Add faintly radiant dust
  7. Chant Heroism (215)
  8. Add glimmering blue mote of essence
  9. Boil
  10. Refract sunlight through a sapphire lens
This recipe can only be made during the day

Faintly radiant dust=extracted t'ayanad crystals

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