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A rune is a magical symbol, most often used to focus more general magic. Runes must be drawn onto a runestone in order to be utilized. Read the runestone to see the rune drawn upon it.

Common Runes

Knowledge of a spell will automatically grant a character knowledge of all the runes required to use it. These are considered common runes.

Uncommon Runes

Some specialty runes are more rare and may only be learned by being taught. These are considered uncommon runes. There is a limit of 5 uncommon runes per character.

  • Use the RUNE verb to display the runes your character knows.
  • The syntax to teach a rune is: RUNE TEACH <character> <rune name>
  • Teaching a rune will always incur a 10 sec RT for both the teacher and student.
  • Uncommon runes are seeded into the game via auctions, raffles, and GM characters during RP events.
  • Some may be taught indefinitely, others only once or twice, and some cannot be taught by players at all.

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