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Use Armor
Bonus +20
ST/DU ?/?
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier Unknown
Special Properties 40 ranks Stalking and Hiding (enhancive)
Primary Color Black
Dyeable No

Shadarl is a leather-like material discovered while experimenting upon aganjira in an attempt to increase its properties. The creators are being quite circumspect about their processes, but in broad strokes, a reduction of lotus wood fibers and additional agan beetle carapaces were added to aganjira. We're told that a few specialized flora and possibly soil from Rumor Woods were included as well. The presence of a mage known to specialize in earth and shadow magics adds an aura of the arcane to the stories coming from the Woods. Regardless, the outcome was something completely different than aganjira.

Black as pitch, shadarl has the unusual property of absorbing both light and sound. While this absorption is not complete, it is enough to grant a stealthy adventurer an edge over his prey. One unfortunate side effect of this is that shadarl often disrupts spellcasting by absorbing words and sound before they even leave the wearer's mouth.

The term shadarl was coined to resemble the erithi mummery, the shi'hadara, where masks are used to hide one's face.

Behind the Scenes

Shadarl was released in 2021 Rumor Woods and sold at The Lesser of Two Weevils

Light Leather - Brig AsG 5-12 only

  • Innate material property; doesn't compete with any other property
  • Improves one's stalking/hiding bonus (+40 enhancive ranks, does not require recharging)
  • Increases spell hindrance (+1%)
  • -100 material penalty

Shadarl requires fodder when used in alterations. See alter fodder for more information.