Sigil of Power

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The Sigil of Power is the eighteenth sigil learned by Guardians of Sunfist members. It will convert 50 stamina into 25 mana.


"This is the Sigil of Power, memorize it well. Previously, you were taught how to sacrifice some your physical vitality in order to temporarily attune yourself to the flows of mana. However, much like health, often times you will need a rapid infusion of mana instead of a slow trickle. By focusing on the power of this sigil, you will be able to tear away a great deal of physical energy from yourself and convert it into magical energy. The cost to you is high but so is the reward, as the sigil will take 50 points of stamina from you and will instantly return 25 points of mana to you. Go now, and make good use of what I have taught you."

Detailed Benefits

  • Converts 50 stamina into 25 mana.
  • No cooldown.

Mana/Stamina Costs


An Empath can use the spell Adrenal Surge (1107) to restore one's own Stamina, provided that the Empath has sufficient ranks of Spiritual Lore, Blessings. This allows the user to use Sigil of Power to restore mana, and then a small amount of mana to restore one's own stamina. When used this way, Adrenal Surge has a 5:00 cooldown to prevent limitless abuse of this mechanic.

Note: Thanks goes to Belnia for all the information provided by her research.