Slow (504)

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Slow (504)
Mnemonic [SLOW]
Duration 60 sec
Cast Time 2
Mana Cost 1
Attack Magic - Disabling  
Subtype {{{subtype}}} 
Target(s) Single 
Interval Duration of spell 
State(s) Inflicted Increased RT
Major Elemental Spells
Sleep (501) Attack
Chromatic Circle (502) Attack
Thurfel's Ward (503) Defensive
Slow (504) Attack
Hand of Tonis (505) Attack
Celerity (506) Utility
Elemental Deflection (507) Defensive
Elemental Bias (508) Defensive
Strength (509) Offensive
Hurl Boulder (510) Attack
Floating Disk (511) Utility
Cold Snap (512) Attack
Elemental Focus (513) Offensive
Stone Fist (514) Attack
Rapid Fire (515) Utility
Mana Leech (516) Utility
Charge Item (517) Utility
Cone of Elements (518) Attack
Immolation (519) Attack
Mage Armor (520) Defensive
Meteor Swarm (525) Attack
Elemental Disjunction (530) Attack
Haste (535) Utility
Temporal Reversion (540) Defensive
Time Stop (550) Utility

Slow is a warding spell that makes the air around a victim denser, slowing down the target's actions and causing up to 3 seconds of immediate roundtime (RT). The degree of the effect is dependent upon a caster's skill and on the total roundtime of the effort the victim is attempting. If Rapid Fire (515) is active on the caster, then slow will cause 1 second of immediate roundtime on the target vs. 3 seconds.

The duration of the slow is based on the standard negative duration formula.

Training in Elemental Lore, Air will unlock an open cast version of the spell and will also increase the RT effect on the target.


  • PREP 504 | CAST {target} or INCANT 504 to
  • PREP 504 | CAST to cast the OPEN version of the spell against multiple creature targets in the room  (requires at least 20 ranks of Elemental Lore, Air)
  • INCANT 504 OPEN to open cast this spell once using INCANT
  • INCANT SET OPEN 504 to always open cast this spell using INCANT 504
  • INCANT 504 EVOKE to cast the OPEN version of the spell once using INCANT. This may potentially hit non-creatures (i.e. other player characters)
  • INCANT SET EVOKE 504 to always evoke this spell using INCANT 504. This is not recommended for open cast AoE attack spells

Lore Benefits

Training in the Elemental Lore, Air has three benefits:

Increased Roundtime Effect

Training in Air Lore will increase the roundtime effect as follows:

Elemental Lore, Air ranks 24 100 200
Additional seconds of roundtime 1 2 3
Spell description expresses thresholds in skill at 100, 200, and 300 respectively. Ranks shown for clarity and consistency.

Open Cast

20 ranks of Air Lore unlocks an open cast version of the spell to affect multiple creatures in the same room as the caster.

Increased Number of Targets

Further training in Air Lore will increase the number of targets in the open cast version of the spell by 1 for every 20 ranks.

Total targets = 1 + (Elemental Lore, Air Ranks / 20)
Elemental Lore, Air ranks 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 220 240
Total # of targets 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13


>incant 504
You intone a phrase of elemental power while raising your hands, invoking Slow...
Your spell is ready.
You gesture at a krag yeti.
  CS: +363 - TD: +299 + CvA: +25 + d100: +80 == +169
  Warding failed!
A krag yeti suddenly slows all movements.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.

Alchemy Recipe

A dull silvery dust
  1. Add powder solution
  2. Add powdered violet sapphire
  3. Boil
  4. Add s'ayanad crystal
  5. Simmer
  6. Chant Slow (504)