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Trick Or Treat premiered at the Ebon Gate Festival in 2020 when the venue was still at Caligos Isle as a replacement to Deep Sea Diving. When the Ebon Gate Festival's permanent move to Evermore Hollow, Trick-or-Treat had a few improvements introduced, along with a new neighborhood to knock on doors.

General Information

Entry into the Trick-or-Treat grounds requires a key purchasable from the SimuCoin store in increments of 1, 10, 25, 50, 100, and 250, and the cost is 100 SimuCoins per entry. Once in the neighborhood, participants KNOCK on doors and earn 10 treats. Once a door is knocked on, it will not be able to be knocked on by the same person for 30 seconds, meaning it is beneficial to move around the area to get the knocks in.

Approximately 1 in 4 knocks will be "tricks," where an undead enemy will drag you into a room with them. These enemies are level-appropriate. When looted, they have a small chance to drop a gem or a breakable object containing minor treasure. Tricks do not count against your ten total knocks, but do need to be dispatched before you can knock again. In addition to the normal experience for defeating an enemy, you will receive a significant amount of experience at the end of a Trick or Treat run for each trick you faced, which can cause you to become saturated.

The area is not instanced, and instead uses a new tactic with creatures that debuted with its introduction to Caligos Isle. The person who knocks is the only person the undead can attack. Anyone else can attack it though, so if you need help, get a friend to come join you! It is recommended to explore the area in pairs or small groups to stay safe. If you run away, the creature will follow you and immediately try to strike you.

If you die inside of the area, you won't be removed. Instead, another player can heal you or the azure-robed ghostly cleric can.

Upon receiving the tenth treat, participants are immediately healed and removed from the neighborhood to the entrance.


Participants are guaranteed to receive the following 10 "treats" with each entry:


Trick-or-Treat can be located in the northwest part of Evermore Hollow's outer circle, at Endeltime Estates neighborhood (Map ID: 22, Lich ID: 31980, Room ID: 8086199).


Flickering shadowy apparition

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Additional Information


Similar to other pay events with various activities, starting in 2022, stats started being tracked and allow participants to view their individual stats between the various activities with EVENT STATS.

>event stat ebon
              Ebon Gate Data
  Herb Hunt Entries:                 0
  Number of Toadshades Found:        0
  Number of Mandrakes Found:         0

  Trick-or-Treat Entries:            0
  Tricks Found:                      0

  Arena of the Abyss Entries:        0
  Arena of the Abyss Kills:          0
  Arena of the Abyss Wins:           0
  Lightning Strikes:                 0

Historical Information

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