Ghezyte-veined sea glass bauble

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A ghezyte-veined sea glass bauble was the quest item found while participating in Trick-or-Treat, playing mini-games, or fishing. It was used as part of the five sub-quests that occurred during the 2021 run of Ebon Gate to conclude the overall Caligos Isle storyline that spanned the course of five years.


You analyze your sea-glass bauble and sense that the creator has provided the following information:
This is a Caligos 5121 Quest Item.  You can use it to take part in one of the following quests:

A Tale of Desperation
Find the Ezreshi Olienne in the Caves of Caligos and give her this item.

A Tale of Love
Find the sailor Jothi in a small inlet and give him this item.

A Tale of Ownership
Find one of five priest(ess) on the island and give them this item.  Once they bless it, you can analyze it again for additional information.  Those individuals are:
Father Thombe - To support Ghezresh, find him on Caligos Proper
Seer Veidae - To support Gosaena, find them in A Modest Square Grey Linen Tent
Brother Aoden - To support Lorminstra, find him in a Promise of Winter
Priestess Lucinne - To support Luukos, find her in Mantle of the Elapid
Neried Galaytea - To support Niima, find her at the Water's Edge in the fishing village

A Tale of Salvation
Find the Warden Shaemire at the Jungle Coast on a Rickety Pier and give him this item.

A Tale of Survival
Find the Wise Woman Omiko in the Fishing Village and give her this item.


Ghezyte-veined sea glass bauble Information
Type Fluff
Item Classification Miscellaneous
Item(s) Applied to Bauble
Alterable No
Light/Deep No
Original Release Venue Ebon Gate
Original Release Year 2021
Quest Item Yes
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