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== Helpful Links ==
Looking forward to your comments, feedback, and criticism. :D -Soliere [[User:FIRENSIA|FIRENSIA]] ([[User talk:FIRENSIA|talk]]) 04:17, 18 October 2019 (CDT)
[[User_talk:VANKRASN39]] - Because I like watching their work! Amazing work.
== PH Shops I Modified So Far (potential rnum problems) ==
To the following, I added an "invisible" |rnum=_____, and also added a "visible" (RNUM: _____) at the end of the extra info field:<br>
- [[Abidaserous's Authentic Rugs]]  (Teras) RNUM: 12443
- [[Arienne's Artifacts]]            (Teras) RNUM: 12438
- [[Bejinda's_Baubles]]              (Teras) RNUM: 12428
- [[Corryn's Board and Panel]]      (Teras) RNUM: 12441
- [[Crenzen's Country Crafts]]      (Teras) RNUM: 12431
- [[Emalinne's Bejeweled Garden]]    (Teras) RNUM: 12432
- [[Fianne's Beds and Bedding]]      (Teras) RNUM: 12424
- [[Flavian's Firemongers]]          (Teras) RNUM: 12426
- [[Lotsa's Large Beds]]            (Teras) RNUM: 12425
- [[MoonSpinner's Glaesine Windows]] (Teras) RNUM: 12439
- [[Orbean's Outlooks]]              (Teras) RNUM: 12434
- [[Thoughtful's Dead Fishes]]      (Teras) RNUM: 12429
- [[Wharfer's Walls]]                (Teras) RNUM: 12446
- [[Wilma's WallHangings]]          (Teras) RNUM: 12445
- [[Within These Walls]]            (Teras) RNUM: 12440
- [[Worthy Foes Remembered]]        (Teras) RNUM: 12433
- [[You Got Me Floored]]            (Teras) RNUM: 12436
- [[You've Also Got Me Floored]]    (Teras) RNUM: 12437
== Voln Arkati ==
[[Charl]] - (Steps 1 and 14) [[Symbol of Submission]] and [[Symbol of Disruption]]<br>
[[Cholen]] - (Steps 2 and 15) [[Symbol of Diminishment]] and [[Symbol of Restoration]]<br>
[[Eonak]] - (Steps 3 and 16) [[Symbol of Blessing]] and [[Symbol of Retribution]]<br>
[[Imaera]] - (Steps 4 and 17) [[Symbol of Protection]] and [[Symbol of Renewal]]<br>
[[Jastev]] - (Steps 5 and 18) [[Symbol of Courage]] and [[Symbol of Need]]<br>
[[Kai]] - (Steps 6 and 19) [[Kai's Strike]] and [[Kai's Smite]]<br>
[[Koar]] - (Steps 7 and 20) [[Symbol of Mana]] and [[Symbol of Seeking]]<br>
[[Lorminstra]] - (Steps 8 and 21) [[Symbol of Recall]] and [[Symbol of Preservation]]<br>
[[Lumnis]] - (Steps 9 and 22) [[Symbol of Transcendence]] and [[Symbol of Return]]<br>
[[Oleani]] - (Steps 10 and 23) [[Symbol of Thought]] and [[Symbol of Supremacy]]<br>
[[Phoen]] - (Steps 11 and 24) [[Symbol of Holiness]] and [[Symbol of Turning]]<br>
[[Ronan]] - (Steps 12 and 25) [[Symbol of Sleep]] and [[Symbol of Dreams]]<br>
[[Tonis]] - (Steps 13 and 26) [[Symbol of Recognition]] and [[Symbol of Sight]]
== Libraries of Elanthia ==
I noticed that the searchwords LIBRARY and LIBRARIES led to zero results. Besides this library at Teras which I had all but forgotten until tonight, I recall quite a few very nice in-game CHE House libraries, a traveling book wagon, as well as a few treasure troves of historic documents on the web (such as at House Onoir's website). I hope this spot will be a place to gather links and info about actual "libraries" that hold bits of history including logs of significant events, player/character remembrances, and ::gasp:: even books! Maybe someday there can be a Libraries of Elanthia page on the gswiki for people who just want to play out their studies in-character or go dig around the web for MO HISTORY. It won't surprise me if I find other people have already begun or completed this kind of thing... let me know if you know more than me, so I don't reinvent the wheel or sliced bread or anything. :)
<b>Modern Libraries</b>
- [[Harbor Library]] in Mist Harbor's Eastern Harbor
- [[Library Aies]] (mentioned here: [[A Brief History of Horology]] and [[Zelia]])
- Library of the Hall of Mages satellite college in Nydds (mentioned here: [[A Brief History of Horology]])
- [[Naerine Hostelry]]'s Library, Cysaegir
- Teras Isle Library, [Kharam-Dzu, Bazaar NW] (RNUM: 1857) an arched entryway (was closed tonight, may be permanently closed, not sure)
- Wehnimer's Landing Library (mentioned here: [[Wehnimer's Landing Town Hall - Olaesta 15, 5118]])
<b>Legendary Libraries</b>
- Arctic Library, DragonSpine Mountains (mentioned here: [[Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire]])
- Caverns of Ziristal (mentioned here: [[Of Crows and Journals]])
- Frozen Library, DragonSpine Mountains (mentioned here: [[Beyond the Arkati]])
- Ghostly Library of [[Rhoska-Tor]] (mentioned here: [[History of Fash'lo'nae]])
- [[Halls of Solace]] at [[Nydds]] in [[South Hendor]] (mentioned here: [[History of the Order of Voln]])
- [[Library of Biblia]] on the [[Isle of Ornath]] (formerly the [[Library of Nomikos]]) (mentioned here: [[The Dark Path (essay)]] and [[Quin Telaren]])
- Library of Dierdra (mentioned here: [[Kelfour Edition volume IV number I]])
- Library of [[Eloth-Ra]] (mentioned here: [[Study of the Erithi]] and [[Erithian History]] and [[Timeline of Elanthian History]])
- Library of [[Fash'lo'nae]] at the [[Inorios Plateau]] (mentioned here: [[History of Fash'lo'nae]] and [[Ride of the Red Dreamer]])
- Library of [[Karilon]]
- Library of [[Kedshold]] (mentioned here: [[History of Reim]])
- Library of [[K'Tafali]] (mentioned here: [[History of the Order of Voln]])
- [[Library of Nomikos]] (now the [[Library of Biblia]]) (mentioned here: [[Kelfour Edition volume IV number I]])
- Library of [[Tamzyrr]] (mentioned here: [[Sarise Keshrika]])
- Lost Library sought by Vespertinae (mentioned here: [[History of Fash'lo'nae]])
- Shialos du S'karli, The Library of the Way (mentioned here: [[History of the Dhe'nar]] and [[A Brief History of Horology]] and [[Sharath]])
- Sylvan Cave East of Old Ta'Faendryl (mentioned here: [[History of the Sylvan Elves]])
- Ta'Faendryl Libraries (mentioned here: [[On Elven Contributions to Society (essay)]])
- Ta'Illistim Libraries (mentioned here: [[On Elven Contributions to Society (essay)]] and [[Timeline of Elanthian History]])
- Temple of Love Library (mentioned here: [[The Tale of the Dead Trees (short story)]])
- [[The Ruined Tower]] Library in River's Rest (also see: [[Elemental Plane of Water]])
- Voln Monastery at Fairport (mentioned here: [[History of the Order of Voln]])
- Voln Monastery at Highmount (mentioned here: [[History of the Order of Voln]])
- Voln Monastnery at Nydds (mentioned here: [[History of the Order of Voln]])
- Libraries of Yr'Vara at Yuriqen (mentioned here: [[History of the Sylvan Elves]])
<b>CHE House Libraries</b>
- [[Beacon Hall Archive]] Library (mentioned here: [[The Story of the Beacon Hall Archive Ghost]])
- [[House Chesylcha]] Library
- [[House Sovyn]] Library
- [[House Sylvanfair]] Library
- [[Moonstone Abbey]] Libraries
- Obsidian Tower Library (mentioned here, tho this is empty: [[Category:Obsidian Tower Library]])
- Rising Phoenix's Library (mentioned here: [[Super node]])
- Rone Academy's Elanthian Library (RNUM: 24473) (mentioned here: [[Super node]])
- [[Silvergate Inn]]'s Library
- [[White Haven]]'s Library
<b>Library Scholars</b>
- [[Andraax]]
- [[Bandur Etrevion]] (mentioned here: [[Legend of the Necropolis of Etrevion (short story)]])
- [[Caylio Javilerre]]
- [[Rohese Bayvel-Timsh'l]]'s love of libraries (mentioned here: [[A Difficult Journey]] and [[A Healing Process]] and [[Eternal Knowledge]])
- [[Linsandrych Illistim]] (mentioned here: [[On Elven Contributions to Society (essay)]])
- [[Taistil Agalloir]] (mentioned here: [[The Falcon Pin and the Discovery of the Infirmary (short story)]])
- The [[Order of Lorekeepers]] (mentioned here: [[Legacy of the Lorekeepers]])
- The Daughters of Lumnis (mentioned here: [[Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire]])
- The Erudites of Fash'lo'nae (mentioned here: [[Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire]])
- The [[Hall of Mages]] (mentioned here: [[Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire]])
- The Loremasters of [[Uman Isle]]
- The [[Sages]] (Loremasters) of [[Karilon]]
- The Solacebringers (mentioned here: [[Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire]])
- [[The Wardens of the Hallowed Scroll]] (mentioned here: [[Orders of the Turamzzyrian Empire]])
- The [[Xaastyl]]
<b>Library Merchants and Shop Libraries</b>
- [[Ebon Gate 2009 shop listing#Speil Manor|Speil Manor, Library]]
- [[Briarmoon Cove/shop list#Poiret .26 Company|Poiret and Company]] (sold a Library Aies perfume)
<b>Other Info of Interest</b>
- [[Library system]]
- [[List of newsletters]]
- The Order of Voln's [[Symbol of Transcendence]] requires Ta'Vaalor Volners to complete a task at the Ta'Illistim Library
- [[Fash'lo'nae]] is God of Magic, Forbidden Knowledge and Libraries
- Kelfour's Library (mentioned here: [[Kulthea Chronicle volume II number I]])
- The New Kelfour's Municipal Library (mentioned here: [[Kulthea Chronicle volume II number I]])
- [[Tomes of Kulthea]]
- House Onoir Library: https://www.daingneachonoir.com/index.php/library
- Order of the Silver Gryphons Library: http://www.gsgryphons.net/GreatHall/Library/Library.php

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Looking forward to your comments, feedback, and criticism. :D -Soliere FIRENSIA (talk) 04:17, 18 October 2019 (CDT)