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Type System
Profession Cleric
System Magic

BLESS is a verb used by clerics with the Holy Receptacle (325) spell.


Note: This menu is available with BLESS by itself or with BLESS HELP.

Syntax: BLESS {spell#} IN {gem} USING {activator} FOR {#charges} CHARGES

{spell#}    must be a known spell.
{gem}       must have been prepared with Holy Receptacle Spell.
{activator} may be 'raise', 'tap', 'wave', or 'rub'.
{#charges}  may be as many charges as you could cast the spell using the Mana Points you have available.


You have five minutes from the time Holy Receptacle Spell is initially cast on the gem to actually bless a spell in that gem.  You must hold the gem that a spell is being blessed into in your hand.

[Type BLESS GEMS for instructions on how to create blessable gems.]

Syntax: BLESS <gem>

You have to be holding the gem in your right hand.  With this command, a Cleric will be able to identify the spell contained within BLESSed gems they have made.

Bless gems

bless gems
Along with the ability to bless normal spell list spells into gems, Clerics will be able to bless deity powers into gems.  This is a bit more restrictive and takes a lot more skill than normal spell blessing.  The current makeup will just consist of the 5 common pool tiers.

Tier 1: Silver to Gold.  Requirements: Blessing Lore (25 skill/5 ranks), Religion Lore (50 skill/10 ranks), Gem Value >= 1.  This spell enables a player to transform a solid silver object(singular) to a gold object upon a successful attempt.  The primary target for this ability are the silver slabs created from vaporizing a treasure box full of coins.  Players may also use this gem on silver wands to create golden wands.  This gem is useable by everyone and has 1 to 3 charges max.

Tier 2: Brimstone.  Requirements: Summoning Lore (25 skill/5 ranks), Blessing Lore (25 skill/5 ranks), Religion Lore (70 skill/15 ranks), and Gem Value >=1001.  This spell imbues a gem with the ability to sort of act like a hand grenade.  Once thrown or tossed in a room, the gem will try and strike a set number of creatures in the room dependant upon the person's skill, gem value and comparison to creature levels in the room.  The gem is useable by everyone and has 1 charge.

Tier 3: Nexus.  Requirements: Summoning Lore (50 skill/10 ranks), Blessing Lore (25 skill/5 ranks), Religion Lore (90 skill/20 ranks), and Gem Value >=2001.  This spell imbues a gem with the power of transporting a Cleric and companions to a preset location.  The Cleric will set a bind location with a TAP of the gem in the desired destination room, and then activates the gem with a RUB.  This form of teleportation must adhere to the same restrictions as a gold ring would with the exception that a Cleric may set a bind location in a realm adjacent to her current realm, giving her the ability to travel longer distances by this magic than a simple gold ring.  The gem is only usable by Clerics.

The chance to successfully Nexus teleport is based on the Cleric's Spiritual Lore, Spirit Summoning skill, whether or not the destination room is a shrine and to whom it's dedicated, the presence of hostile creatures in the area, as well as the value of the gem.  Upon each successful Nexus use, the gem loses some of its power until it can no longer hold any power or it fails to activate.  This decrease depends upon the number of people transported by the Nexus.  LOOK at the gem to determine the power of the blessing.

Tier 4: Chrism.  Requirements: Summoning Lore (70 skill/15 ranks), Blessing Lore (50 skill/10 ranks), Religion Lore (105 skill/25 ranks), and Gem Value >=3001.  This spell imbues a gem with two different abilities.  When used as a pre-resurrection ritual, the gem must be waved over the body of the corpse by a Cleric.  Upon resurrection the previously dead player will have an enhanced rate of recovery to their health, mana and spirit pools.  Also, the Death Recovery penalty will be lessened by a certain percentage.  When used on the living, the gem has the power to bestow the ability for other players to enter a state of meditation like Clerics, Empaths and Savants.  They will receive an enhanced rate of recovery to their health, mana, stamina and spirit pools as well.  This only lasts for a set amount of time and all meditation room checks still exist.  The gem is only useable by Clerics and has 1 charge.

Tier 5: Intercession.  Requirements: Blessing Lore (50 skill/10 ranks), Religion Lore (120 skill/30 ranks), and Gem Value >=4001.  This spell imbues a gem with the ability to convert another player to the Cleric's deity.  Once created, the Cleric WAVEs the gem at the person they wish to convert.  That player becomes attuned to the gem.  The player then needs to be given the gem so they may continue the ritual.  If the player RUBs the gem, it will shatter and a coffer should appear, ready to accept silver offerings to the deity (via the PUT # SILVERS/COINS IN MY COFFER command).  Once a sufficient (and substantial) offering has been placed within the coffer, the player should then bring the coffer to a shrine of the deity and OFFER the coffer to the deity to complete the ritual.  Players may convert to deities within the same pantheon (Liabo, Lornon and Neutral) as the deity of the Cleric if the player has two other sufficiently powerful Clerics of the same pantheon cast Holy Receptacle at the gem.

Bless deity

bless deity
Syntax: BLESS DEITY COMMON|<deity#> <tier#>

This section controls the blessing of gems with deity specific or common pool powers.  The tier level and number of charges imbued into the gem will be dependant on the skill of the caster and quality of the gem.

Currently, only the COMMON pool is available.

The Common Pool powers consist of 5 tiers.  You may attempt to bless a gem with one of these powers with the following syntax: BLESS DEITY COMMON <1-5>   (where 1-5 is the tier # you wish to attempt)

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