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This article is about the third tier of the spell Holy Receptacle (325). For the front end, see Nexus (front end).

The third tier of Holy Receptacle (325) creates a nexus gem. This gem is linked to an anchor point set by the cleric. The cleric can then activate the gem and bring their entire group back to that anchor point.

Nexus gems can be set to realms that are further than adjacent but still within a teleportation zone. Similar to Transference, if the user of the gem is bearing a standard gold ring, then the default gold ring interception mechanics will be applied. If the caster is not using a gold ring, then the default interception chance is 80%, minus 1% per 2 ranks of Spiritual Lore, Religion beyond 75 ranks (to a minimum of 5%). Casters not using a gold ring will additionally be Chrono-locked upon interception for 15 minutes, making them unable to illicitly access the time tunnels during that time (access via gold rings will still be permissible during a Chrono-lock). In either case, only the cleric rubbing the gem will be intercepted on a failure and the remaining group members will simply fail to teleport.

A cleric can only be anchored to one location at a time. It is useful to return a group to Ta'Illistim directly from Old Ta'Faendryl, or to transport a body from the Icemule trail past the ice patches.


To create a Nexus gem, a cleric must have:

Nexus gems are usable only by clerics, but any cleric can use one once created.

Syntax - bless deity common 3

>bless emerald
You begin chanting an intricate benediction ... suddenly all light in the area blinks out of existence and you can see nothing in the empty blackness that now consumes you.  Your attention is suddenly drawn to the emerald as it floats up from your hand and hangs silently in the air in stark contrast to the ebony darkness surrounding you.

The emerald begins to fly around in a small circular pattern that seems to pick up speed with every pass by you.  Soon the emerald is nothing more than a blur of movement.  This vortex of movement begins to pull at the darkness surrounding it, quickly absorbing the blackness that once dulled your senses.  The emerald drops into your hand and you notice the environment around you is seemingly unchanged by the events you have just beheld.

After creating the Nexus gem, LOOKing at it will let the cleric know the strength of the stone, which is directly tied to how likely the stone is to successfully activate.

Syntax - look (gem)

>look thunderstone
Peering closely at the opalescent thunderstone you notice black clouds swirling within the gem's walls.  You able to discern from the movement of the clouds that this opalescent thunderstone has an immeasurable chance of creating a successful nexus.


There are 10 tiers of strength for a Nexus gem. Using one causes a reduction in strength, as discussed below. They are:

  1. immeasurable
  2. excellent
  3. great
  4. good
  5. average
  6. so-so
  7. slim
  8. meager
  9. paltry
  10. hardly any


Use of a Nexus gem is a two-part process, much like using a gold ring. First, one must attune oneself to a location by TAPping any Nexus gem, which attunes the cleric to their current location. TAPping the same or another Nexus gem in a different location will reattune the cleric to the nex locale. Setting the bind location to a spot holy to the cleric's deity will bestow a significant boost to the nexus gem's chance of success. Using a shrine of a deity of the same pantheon also results in a boost. Using a shrine of a deity of the opposing pantheon will result in a penalty.

Syntax - tap (gem)

>tap thun
You peer closely at your thunderstone as you tap its surface.  You notice the black clouds contained within the opalescent thunderstone eddy and swirl around.  You suddenly get the feeling of a great weight placed upon your soul.

>tap thun (when at a spot holy to the cleric's deity)
You peer closely at your thunderstone as you tap its surface.  You notice the black clouds contained within the opalescent thunderstone appear calm and steadfast.

After attuning themselves, the cleric may attempt to transport themselves and their group to the attuned location by RUBbing a Nexus gem. The chance for success of this is based upon the current power of the gem and the presence of hostile creatures. The power of the gem is initially based on the value of the stone used and the Spiritual Lore, Summoning ranks of the cleric that created the stone, and is reduced as the stone is used. The amount the strength of the Nexus gem is reduced is based upon the number of people transported.

Syntax - rub (gem)

>rub thun
You cautiously rub your opalescent thunderstone.
A dark shroud engulfs all viewable light leaving you in a state of suspension.  Within moments, you feel a sharp tug on your mind as your sight becomes clear again ...
[Solhaven, Liabo Plaza]
Easily as large as the entire North Market, the plaza is paved with a spiral pattern of alternating terra-cotta and golden-yellow bricks.  On the eastern edge of the plaza stands an ornate, white limestone arch, and beyond it the brick-paved avenue stretches toward Vornavis' towering west wall.  A steady mix of merchants, artisans, and clerics pass through the arch in both directions.  You also see an old barrel and a terra-cotta bench with some stuff on it.
Obvious paths: north, west
The power contained within your opalescent thunderstone fades slightly.

>rub thun (failure to activate)
You cautiously rub your opalescent thunderstone.
Your opalescent thunderstone turns into a fine powder that wafts away with a passing breeze.

Failure of the gem to activate results in the gem shattering. Another nexus gem can be created and used in such a situation. Particularly dramatic failures warp the flows of mana around the cleric, resulting in a mana regeneration penalty for three minutes, or even damage.