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INCANT is a verb which combines both the preparation and casting of a spell into one command. Cast roundtime is incurred normally. Unlike the CAST verb, INCANT cannot be used to specify a target at the time of casting. However, one can specify targets for INCANT by using the TARGET command.

For spells with multiple effects cast through CAST {target}, open cast, CHANNEL, and/or EVOKE, such as Pious Trial (1602) and Web (118), INCANT can be set to cast a specific version of the spell.


  • INCANT {spell}
Casts the spell with the default settings.
Toggles the channel, evoke, and open/untargeted cast settings of a spell when incanting. Setting to the evoke version will always cause hard roundtime. INCANT SET on an option that is already set will remove it, INCANT SET CAST will remove the CHANNEL/EVOKE settings, and INCANT SET CLOSED will remove the OPEN setting.
Evoked versions of spells can be set to also CHANNEL using INCANT by first setting the EVOKE, then setting the CHANNEL.
>inc set evoke 705 channel
INCANT will now use EVOKE for the Disintegrate spell.
>inc set channel 705
INCANT will now use CHANNEL EVOKE for the Disintegrate spell.
Shows all current settings.
Casts a spell once with the given parameters, overriding INCANT SET. OPEN/CLOSED is optional.

For the spell Cone of Elements (518), it is additionally possible to specify the element:

  • INCANT 518 [EVOKE|CAST] {element}
If EVOKE/CAST is not specified, default to the settings in INCANT SET.
    INCANT           - Cast currently prepared spell at an appropriate target.
    INCANT {spell}   - Prepare {spell} and cast it at an appropriate target.
    INCANT SET       - Show current incant settings.
                     - Change incant settings for {spell}.
                     - Override your incant settings for one cast.
    Notes: INCANT SET on an option that is already set will remove it.
           INCANT SET CAST will remove the CHANNEL/EVOKE settings.
           INCANT SET CLOSED will remove the OPEN setting.

Any spell cast from the Wrayth Combat panel will also make use of these settings.


  • INCANTing offensive magic without a set target will automatically select a living creature in the room. Further incants will continue being aimed at the original target until it is no longer available (dead or left the area).
  • INCANTing defensive magic without a set target will default to one's self.
  • INCANT will try to find a target before trying to prepare an offensive spell, unless using the OPEN version for a spell where open casting is enabled.
  • It is recommended to TARGET CLEAR after casting magic at another player, so that INCANTing in the field does not accidentally target them.


Main article: Multicast

Multicast is the ability to cast defensive spells multiple times per cast to more quickly stack durations. It still takes the same amount of mana as if the spell had been cast separately, but the duration is multiplied by the amount of specified multicasts, and the cast roundtime is the same as casting once. Multicast can be used both selfcast and when casting on others.

The ability to multicast is based on training in the appropriate Mana Control for a spell's sphere. Every 25 ranks of the appropriate Mana Control allows for one additional multicast, with the base being 1 (a single cast of the spell). For example, a cleric with 25 ranks of Spiritual Mana Control can cast two shots of Spirit Warding I (101) simultaneously:

>prepare 101
You gesture while calling upon the lesser spirits to aid you with the Spirit Warding I spell...
Your spell is ready.

>cast rolton 2
You make a complex gesture at a rolton, increasing the potency of your spell.
A light blue glow surrounds a rolton.

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