Woodland Whimsy

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Woodland Whimsy is a shop in the Yasrenila Compound, around Ta'Vaalor, that sells jewelry, and specializes in wood-crafted jewelry. It houses a specialty design NPC.

[Woodland Whimsy] RNUM: u810103
Tangled briars border the space, nearly enclosing it in a thorny embrace as they bend overhead like a prickly, sky-blocking shroud. Remnants of a long-dried stream, raised shelves of stratified rock frame either side, extending past the threat of the brambles. Scattered lanterns light the assortment of wooden jewelry arranged upon the brittle, crumbling ledges. You also see a blonde forest gnome woodcrafter.


  1. a circlet        10. a bangle
  2. some hoops       11. a cuff
  3. an amulet        12. a wristlet
  4. a back pendant   13. a band
  5. a collar         14. a thumb ring
  6. a locket         15. a signet
  7. a pectoral       16. an anklet
  8. an armband       17. an ankle-cuff
  9. an armlet        18. a clasp

You can APPRAISE, INSPECT or DESCRIBE any item by number, ORDER by number to get pricing and customization options, BUY to purchase, or ORDER HELP for more info.

This item is available in the following colors or finishes:

  1. asymmetrical          8. hexagonal             15. pentagonal
  2. beveled               9. glossy                16. polished
  3. burled                10. knotty               17. raw-edge
  4. burnished             11. lacquered            18. sanded
  5. enameled              12. live-edge            19. thorn-tipped
  6. faceted               13. nacre-inset          20. whittled
  7. helical               14. natural             

This item is available in the following materials or features:

  1. ash                   8. fel                   15. mangrove
  2. beech                 9. haon                  16. oak
  3. birch                 10. hawthorn             17. olivewood
  4. cedar                 11. ironwood             18. pearwood
  5. chestnut              12. juniper              19. pine
  6. cypress               13. maoral               20. spruce
  7. elm                   14. maple                21. willow

To customize your order, just add COLOR {colorname} MATERIAL {materialname} to your ORDER.
Example: ORDER 1 COLOR red MATERIAL mithril

Specialty design NPC

>ask woodcrafter about materials
A blonde forest gnome woodcrafter says, "I work on wood items only."

>ask woodcrafter about designs
A blonde forest gnome woodcrafter says, "Here is a list of designs you can choose from.  TELL me the DESIGN number you would like to select.  This is required."

 Number   Option
      1   a simple pentagonal marking
      2   arboreal silhouettes
      3   bare branches
      4   a myriad of diminutive pinecones
      5   various intricately detailed herbs
      6   a gilt-limned honeycomb
      7   a stylized golden honeybee
      8   a scattering of plump bumblebees
      9   wispy bee balm blossoms
     10   curtains of tonal purple wisteria
     11   a sprig of Imaera's Lace
     12   unfurling silver-sheened moonflowers
     13   a seed-laden sunflower outlined in ebon
     14   honeysuckle-entwined latticework
     15   whorls of multihued petals
     16   tangles of thorn-hazed briars
     17   an allover clover pattern
     18   curly fiddlehead fronds
     19   fans of sprawling ferns
     20   a quintet of morel mushrooms