'Tain't Much Magic

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'Tain't Much Magic is the alchemist shop in Northern Caravansary. It is located on East Row, south of the bank.

['Tain't Much Magic Tent]
The enclosed atmosphere of this small tent is laden with the greasy odor of spiced rolton jerky. A tangled heap of blankets has been shoved into a back corner, and a pock-faced young Dark Elf slouches on a three-legged stool behind a display case and an open strongbox resting on crates. You also see a wooden sign and the apprentice Ralston.


Welcome to 'Tain't Much Magic!

Apprentice Ralston offers his catalog to browse.
Ralston exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. some spiced rolton jerky   12. an aquamarine wand
  2. a crystal amulet           13. a crystal wand
  3. a rohnuru potion           14. a twisted wand
  4. a duqnuru potion           15. a delicate fel rune brush
  5. a dirtokh potion           16. a small glaes vial of rune ink
  6. a grot t'kel potion        17. a rusty iron cup
  7. a silver wand              18. a small granite runestone
  8. an iron wand               19. an aish'vrak potion
  9. a golden wand              20. some waxy translucent chalk
  10. a metal wand              21. some fine crystalline chalk
  11. an oaken wand             22. a leather book