Sounds (607)

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Sounds (607)
Mnemonic [SOUNDS]
Duration 120 sec, stackable (creature targets)
60 sec, stackable (character targets)
Cast Time 2
Mana Cost 5
Attack Magic - Disabling  
Subtype Special 
Target(s) Single target 
Interval One-shot 
State(s) Inflicted Special
Ranger Base Spells
Natural Colors (601) Defensive
Resist Elements (602) Defensive
Wild Entropy (603) Attack
Nature's Bounty (604) Utility
Barkskin (605) Defensive
Phoen's Strength (606) Offensive
Sounds (607) Attack
Camouflage (608) Offensive
Sun Burst (609) Attack
Tangle Weed (610) Attack
Moonbeam (611) Attack
Breeze (612) Utility
Self Control (613) Defensive
Imbue (614) Utility
Call Swarm (615) Attack
Spike Thorn (616) Attack
Sneaking (617) Utility
Mobility (618) Defensive
Mass Calm (619) Attack
Resist Nature (620) Utility
Nature's Touch (625) Defensive
Animal Companion (630) Utility
Nature's Fury (635) Attack
Wall of Thorns (640) Defensive
Assume Aspect (650) Utility

Sounds creates a variety of distracting sounds around a target making it less able to defend itself and imparting a -20 penalty to its defensive strength (DS). This spell works without fail against targets up to 15 levels above the caster. Each additional level of the target beyond the caster a 20% penalty is applied to the failure rate, capping at 20 levels above the caster, when the spell becomes useless.

Further training in the Ranger Base circle imparts an additional DS penalty on the target, maximizing at the 70 ranks and a -50 DS penalty. The level of the target can affect this bonus, but the penalty will always be at least -20 to the target's DS with a successful cast.

DS penalty = trunc[((Ranger Ranks - 25) × (2/3)) + 20], with a minimum penalty of 20

The spell also inflicts a SMRv2 defense penalty equal to half the DS penalty inflicted.

Furthermore, the target receives a base 10% hindrance to its spell casting, which can be increased with training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning. The spell casting hindrance of this spell is separate from the spell casting hindrance one would suffer from wearing heavier armors.

Archers and users of thrown weapons (hurlers) also suffer a penalty to aiming, lessening the chance they will hit their mark. Sounds also hinders attempts to disarm traps.

Lore Benefit

Training in Spiritual Lore, Summoning increases the spell-casting hindrance of the target by an additional 1% per seed 1 summation of ranks.

Spiritual Lore, Summoning ranks 0 1 3 6 10 15 21 28 36
Total spell hindrance imposed 10% 11% 12% 13% 14% 15% 16% 17% 18%
Spiritual Lore, Summoning ranks 45 55 66 78 91 105 120 136
Total spell hindrance imposed 19% 20% 21% 22% 23% 24% 25% 26%


1P of Targeted
You hear strange noises come from behind and to either side of you.
Resulting spell hindrance
You gesture.
The droning noises scattered about you cause a lapse in your concentration, causing your spell to fail.
Cast Roundtime 3 Seconds.
You no longer hear the strange noises around you.