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Use Weapons, Armor, Shields
Bonus +7
ST/DU 99/999 (max)
Rarity Extremely Rare
Weight Modifier 180%
Level Required 65
Special Properties Disarm/Shatter
Primary Color Blackish-brown
Dyeable Yes

Considered to be the strongest material in Elanthia, adamantine has maxed out breakage statistics and has a chance to disarm opponents upon a successful parry or if the attacker strikes the defender's armor. If the weapon used is non-magical, it may break instead. The chance for disarming or breaking is based on the Strength/Durability difference of the attacking weapon compared to the Adamantine, as well as an additional hidden/unknown factor. The "weaker" the attacking weapon, the higher the frequency. Armor made from Adamantine has a chance to deflect bolt spells that would otherwise hit you.

A character must be at least level 65 before being able to hold and use adamantine weapons and armor. That adamantine tends to overpower the less experienced is derived from the fact that is it not just very strong, it is essentially supernaturally indestructible. In order to shape that kind of toughness into a useable form (like a weapon or a suit of armor), some pretty powerful magic has to be used continually over the long and slow process of crafting. That kind of mana expenditure leaves behind a very strong magical residue on the resulting item, which takes a fair bit of training to overcome.


Adamantine weapons and armor were first released during Ebon Gate, in the year 5106. So far, these include:

  • a jet black adamantine bastard sword set with a large ruby pommel
From Ebon Gate 2006, +17
  • a suit of exquisite adamantine full plate set with finely cut pieces of Kezmonian honey beryl
From Ebon Gate 2006, +7
  • a silver-filmed adamantine breastplate
Simply forged and completely unadorned, the adamantine is pitch black. An odd, silvery luster eclipses the ebon metal, causing an oily shimmer on the surface, like moonlight hitting dark water.
From Ebon Gate 2008, +7
  • a sea serpent adamantine greatshield
Large and rectangular, the greatshield is comprised of a single, thick sheet of adamantine that is wrought in the image of a snarling sea serpent. Webbed ears flank its face, while teardrop scales cover most of the breath and girth of its body. Enormous emeralds rest within the eyes, which are covered by long, shaggy brows. The sinuous body is coiled as if rising out of the cresting waves that decorate the bottom of the piece. On the reverse of the greatshield, a complex webbing of oiled leather straps and polished buckles forms an intricate arm harness. The straps are arranged in a pattern that appears able to secure a weapon within.
From Ebon Gate 2017, +7, +5 to shield use ranks, +5 to Strength stat, with Shield harness scripts

The weight of adamantine is 180% that of steel. The enchantment of the bastard sword was +17 while the full plate was stated to be just over 1x. Both of the original items were extremely heavy. The bastard sword is jet black in color, and the full plate had no specific color. The formula for adamantine's minimum weight is 150% the base weight of steel.


Adamantine can have services added. The material adds 150 to the base difficulty.

Adamantine is able to take spikes and flares, a precedent set at the Convocation of Coraesine Field when the adamantine plate had both spikes and disintegration flares added to it.

Adamantine can be lightened, though the minimum that it can be lightened to is still quite heavy when compared to a similar non-adamantine item. The formula for adamantine's minimum weight is 150% the base weight of steel.


Shattering a non-magical weapon:

A quick flick of Dhask's wrist sends a pearl-handled bronze dagger into flight!
Dhask throws a pearl-handled bronze dagger at you!
Dhask hits you, but his dagger shatters into a thousand pieces against the incredibly hard surface of your adamantine breastplate!

Naijin hurls a small surge of electricity at you!
Naijin hits you, but his attack bounces harmlessly off of the incredibly hard surface of your adamantine full plate!

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