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Shien'tyr is one of a number of valences from which demons may originate. Demons from Shien'tyr may be summoned into Elanthia either by sorcerers with knowledge of Minor Summoning (725) or other powerful entities such as GM characters.

Shien'tyr is a shadowy, misty realm, utterly devoid of light. Attempts to bring light to this realm have resulted in the light being extinguished by the darkness almost immediately. In those few seconds of light, witnesses have seen a vague, shadowy mist in all directions. Aside from this, very little else is known about this mysterious realm.

Shien'tyr is the home of at least three demon archetypes: shien, aishan, and arashan. Shien and aishan appear as if they manifest some form of Shien'tyr's shadowy mist, which is also yet to be understood.

Any sort of behaviors, society, or hierarchy amongst these denizens in their natural habitat has never been observed, as they have only been seen in their summoned state in Elanthia.

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