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Alchemy workshops are located in the cleric, empath, sorcerer, and wizard guilds. They are usually clustered around a central room in a spoke and wheel layout which might also include the cleaning equipment closet and alchemy supply shop.

Each workshop contains a crucible, an alembic, and a lens assembly. Besides the cleaning tasks assigned by the task masters, crucibles are used for the ALCHEMY EXTRACT process, alembics are used for the ALCHEMY DISTILL process, and lens assemblies are used for the ALCHEMY REFRACT process. Any alchemy formula or ingredient made using any of these three processes must be done in an appropriate alchemy workshop.

It is important to note that alchemy workshops do not provide the benefits of a magical workshop. Wizards and sorcerers should use SENSE to tell if they are in the appropriate room when using spells that receive benefit from magical workshops.

Alchemy workshops are mana nodes.


Crucible in use