Ambra's Musicalities

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Ambra's Musicalities is the instrument shop in Ta'Vaalor. It is located in the cottage with a bright blue door on Aethenireas Wey.

[Ta'Vaalor, Ambra's Musicalities]
Pale amber spidersilk curtains frame a row of diamond-shaped windows. In front of each window stands a uniformed mannequin, jauntily sporting the crimson and gold of the Vaalor military. The mannequins stand at attention, each clutching a different musical instrument between its fingers, the overall effect resembling a drill band lined up for a parade. The merchant Ambra stands behind a long thanot counter edged in mithglin, on top of which is a small sign.


                 Welcome to Ambra's Musicalities!

Ambra offers her catalog to browse.
Ambra exclaims, "Greetings stranger, have a look around!"

  1. a beribboned haon tambourine   7. a pair of silver finger cymbals
  2. a carved rosewood piccolo      8. a dark ironwood crumhorn
  3. a pale white ash mandolin      9. a polished rosewood cittern
  4. a pale monir lysard            10. a set of ebony chantered bagpipes
  5. a carved monir lute            11. a silvery haon flute
  6. a carved thanot fife           12. a jeweled black willow enshai


She looks as if business has been prosperous for her.