Ordim (prime)

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I'm an Ordim!

Race Halfling
Culture Mhoragian
Class none
Profession Ordim
Religion Atheist
Affiliation(s) Questionable
Disposition Chaotic
Demeanor Friendly
Greatest Strength Muffins, Adaptability
Greatest Weakness Muffins, large crowds, Elves
Hobbies Eating muffins, selling pies, adding spice to food, taking down the Elven Empire
Likes Muffins, Pies, Spices, Ponies, Tobacco
Dislikes Elves, Souls, Arkati
Fears obscurity
Loyalties Self, Truefolk people, Solhaven

Story Lines

The Kraken Rises
Baked to Perfection : An Origin Story
The Kraken Eats : Nazhor Chronicles
Various stories